A big thank you!

Posted on Monday 28 August 2006

A big thank you to:

Lynn Brown
The Goodie Bouquet provides fun gift cans for any occasion, either filled or ready for you to fill.

Martha Matthews
SLM Gifts

SLM Gifts carries all manner of gift items for all of your gift-giving needs.

Special thanks to these ladies for supporting me in an important project. Please visit their sites and show your support!

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Do you Squidoo?

Posted on Monday 28 August 2006

I have totally fallen in love with Squidoo! It’s very difficult to explain, but you create these webpages called “lenses” that are about a specific topic of interest. You can use different modules like a text box, links, photos, video, music, RSS feeds, etc. to tell about your topic. You can also include Amazon items, and other things for sale. Squidoo shares any profits made from affiliate links, google ads, and so on, with the lens makers – that’s us!

Squidoo is a great way to advertise your business, market your blog, or share more about your favorite cause. If you sign up, do so through a referral link because then you, and the person who refers you, earn $5 when you earn your first $15.

You can leave comments, add lenses to your “lensroll,” and rate other lenses. Soon there will even be lens groups! Check it out – http://www.squidoo.com/babycrazy. My first lens!

And for the record, here’s my affiliate link:


Let me know what you think…

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Dead and gross

Posted on Saturday 19 August 2006

When we got home, I went to check the pool. It was cloudy. And green. With things floating in it. Dead things… dragonflies, leaves, earwigs. Things like that. Oh, yeah, and a squirrel. So I have to ask… who goes away for five days and returns to a dead squirrel in their pool?! We haven’t had a dead animal in our pool in the year we’ve had it, so why did one decide to take the plunge while we were away?

Big guy fished him out. Let’s face it, that’s one of the big perks of being married. =} Anyway, he left it on the side of the lawn and said he’d bury it later. Today he went to bury it and it was gone. I suppose it was one of those random suburban coyotes.

The pool is slightly less green, but still pretty gross.

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We have returned

Posted on Saturday 19 August 2006

The first thing is that we flew out on August 10, which was right in the middle of the wacky terrorism scare. We flew out of a smaller airport, so security wasn’t so bad (there was no line at all, actually) and other than having me throw out the ice pack I was using to keep Little Guy’s formula cold, we didn’t have any problems. And, yeah, had I thought about it, I wouldn’t have even brought the ice pack, but it just didn’t cross my mind that it would be an issue. Anyway, that was no big deal.

The problem was the weather in Philly. We ended up two hours delayed out of Manchester and then two hours delayed out of Philly. I have a very calm, go-with-the-flow child, but even he started to lose it by the end of our 14 hour travel saga. Our friends have a toddler and she didn’t do well at all. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a very well-behaved child, but after several hours of sleep-deprivation and being trapped in a stroller or carseat, she was a mess. We landed in Las Vegas at 2am (5am our time) and got to our hotel around 4 by the time we got luggage, car, checked in, etc. It turns out that we had been upgraded to a gorgeous suite. The Panorama Suite at the Aladdin hotel, if any one is curious, is over 1200 sq ft and normally $439 a night.

aladding suite

Anyway, we were there in our wonderful suite for about 6 hours before heading to lunch with our friends and driving over 3 hours to Springdale, UT. We were late for the rehearsal/welcome dinner, but it was so nice to see all of our friends there already when we arrived. I was a zombie by that point, so when we checked in, I offered to stay in the room with Little Guy, while Big Guy went to catch up with his friends. Plus, we had free internet access, so I got to check my mail. =}

The wedding was beautiful, albeit hot. The national park was in the background and the bride and groom both looked so happy… we all cried, he cried, she cried. That’s the sign of a good wedding ceremony to me – if people are moved to tears (and not because they think you’re making the biggest mistake of your life). We had people bawling at ours, so I was pleased! Anyway, everyone was drawn to Little Guy, who apparently looks like he wants people to pinch his cheeks, and he had a pretty good time taking everything in. He was really well behaved and I was proud of him.

The next day we took a ride through the National Park and then drove another 3 hours back to Vegas with an increasingly unhappy two year old. She finally fell asleep and Little Guy fell asleep. I napped for a few minutes, so that was nice, too. We stayed at the Luxor, which was nice, but couldn’t compare to our suite at the Aladdin. We spent the next day and a half checking out the sights. We got an M&M hat for little guy and he looks SO cute in it. We also bought some Star Wars M&M ornaments. Yes, we’re a bit geeky! I will admit that we wanted to do the Star Trek Experience, but Little Guy couldn’t go and the idea of waiting while the other person caught two 20-minute shows, was too much for us to contemplate.

So, to make a long story short, we checked out and flew home on Tuesday. It was a much shorter and less eventful trip, although I had my carry-on searched again for “suspicious powder” which just turned out to be baby formula. =}

Still not a fan of the destination wedding, although I do understand some of the reasons for having them. I will amend my previous comments to suggest that perhaps if your very good friends have a destination wedding, it would be thoughtful to consider waiting until the following year to schedule your own destination wedding so as to allow people to replenish their vacation time and bank account. That is, unless it’s a plot to ensure no one can be there. In that case, by all means, make sure you pick the most expensive and remote spot you can find… a safari in Zambia, for example, and go for it!

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Wedding Bells Flying By

Posted on Wednesday 9 August 2006

We’re heading off with tomorrow for Little Guy’s first plane ride. We’ve got a destination wedding in UT. It’s one of FOUR destination weddings we’ve been invited to this year. I am not a fan. I think that asking your friends and relatives to schlep half-way across the country for no good reason other than a pretty backdrop is just a bit… selfish. It’s not like they have family there. It’s not even like they met there. Considering that they have many friends in common with the first destination wedding we were invited to this year (we couldn’t attend, but it’s where they got engaged), it’s just too much. Anyway, ‘nuff said.

We’re flying into Las Vegas and will have a few days there to see the sights. We’ll spend a couple of days in Zion National Park around the wedding hoo-hah. The timing is bad for us so Big Guy and I are kind of crabby about it, but this is one of his good friends (who was an usher in our non-destinaton wedding 2 years ago), so we really want to be there for them. I’m sure you know how it is.

So I have a lot of flying experience. My last job required 60% travel, a good portion of it international, so I’m a bit laissez-faire about the whole thing. I know that even in the Philippines or China, you can buy almost anything you need (except clothes – they are really small people and NOTHING fit me, but that’s another story). I still have toiletries bags packed and ready to go, so I’m not too worried. Hopefully I’ll remember the outfit for the wedding.

Speaking of which, is it ok to wear black (ok, black knit top and purple broomstick skirt) to an outdoor afternoon wedding? The wedding starts at 4:30 so it will still be daylight. It’s an outdoor wedding in 90 degree weather and they have decreed it “formal” so I have no idea what to wear. Poor hubby has a full suit with a long sleeve shirt. Blech.

Send positive flying thoughts my way… hopefully Ethan will be too interested in people watching to do his normal shriek-chatter!

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Posted on Saturday 5 August 2006

I’m home and had a great time at convention. I’ll be posting more about that, but not tonight. =} Little Guy and Big Guy survived just fine without me and I didn’t cry the WHOLE time I was gone. Seriously, I just got misty-eyed a few times, and had a rough first night. Thanks for all of the support!

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