Am I Crazy?

Posted on Monday 30 July 2007

So, tomorrow I set off for Maine with my two kids and my 10-year-old niece. It’s just over 2 hours away and I’m a bit concerned that the car ride is going to be a nightmare. The doting grandparents will be on hand at the other end to help out, but I am a bit nervous about the whole thing.  Will Little Guy sleep in his make-shift crib (a playyard around a crib mattress on the floor)? Will Little Lady sleep at all?  Can we make it all the way to Maine without one or the both of them freaking out? Time will tell, I suppose.

Anyway, send positive thoughts my way…

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Super Excited aka Proof of My Geeky/Dorky Status

Posted on Sunday 29 July 2007

I have recently learned that they are creating a LEGO Indiana Jones series of games. Who doesn’t love Indiana Jones? Who doesn’t love LEGO? There you go. We (hubby and I) already have the two LEGO Star Wars games and they’re a favorite for us to play together. Since he likes killing things and I do not, it’s a happy compromise. I mean, it’s hard to feel bad when you attack someone and their LEGO pieces go flying. =}

Anyway, dorky as I am, I’m psyched about it. Admit it, you are too!

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Sigh, Part II

Posted on Sunday 29 July 2007

Would you believe I did it again?! My domain expired again last weekend and I found out because my email stopped working.  Now, I’ve been trying to move the registration to my current webhost and having no success. You would think, though, that the old host might let me know that the domain is about to expire!

Luckily, their support is much better this year and I was able to speak to a customer service rep and work everything out. I’ve registered for two years this time and I’m hoping that someone bothers to REMIND ME to renew…

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Nancy Traversy Interview

Posted on Wednesday 25 July 2007

Nancy Traversy, CEO and co-founder of Barefoot Books, was interviewed recently on the podcast, Just One More Book. The interview is interesting; I always find Nancy’s story of the Barefoot journey compelling and I have a lot of respect for her as a female entrepreneur and long-time WAHM (she and co-founder Tessa Strickland started the business from home). While, I was there, I also fell in love with their website/blog. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in children’s literature.

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Blogging in a Vacuum

Posted on Wednesday 25 July 2007

I have admittedly neglected my blog in the past year and have neglected the blogging community, I suppose, along with it. So, now I feel like I’m blogging in a vacuum.  I’m out of touch with what others are blogging about and there aren’t a lot of people paying attention to what I’m blogging about. This isn’t a crisis because I’m a journal-keeper, so I’m used to writing things that are never meant to be read by anyone else. That said, I strongly believe that blogging is all about community and a blog without a community might as well be written in a fancy-bound book and tucked under your mattress.

So, I’m getting back out there in the blogging scene.  I finally managed to get my BlogHer account working (I could never get the confirmation email) and I’ve been poking around to see what’s going on. Good stuff. I’m remembering what I fell in love with in the first place… intelligent women, who are not afraid of being women, and mothers in some cases, but who can discuss other topics. Why aren’t we better represented in the media?

Ok, enough.  I’m off to read devour a bit more…

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Can we post it? Yes we can!

Posted on Monday 23 July 2007

Raising kids has brought the question of nature vs. nurture to the forefront of my mind.  I definitely have been trying to be aware of the toys, media, etc., my kids are exposed to.  I’m learning that it’s nearly impossible, because even at 21 months, Little Guy is highly influenced by his grandparents (over whom I have no influence), aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.  More importantly, he’s his own person.

I recently read an essay from the book It’s a Boy: Women Writers on Raising Sons  that talked about learning to let go when, despite your best efforts, your boy likes “boy” things.   I don’t care if my son likes “boy” things most.  I haven’t tried to convince him to like other things, or prevented him from playing with certain toys.  That said, WHERE in the world did this obsession with cars come from?!   Cars, buses, trucks, tractors…  at 21 months, he can name them all.  He can even recognize a zamboni (yeah, Big Guy loves hockey). He can hear an airplane from miles and miles away and a boat certainly stops him in his tracks.

Honestly, I have come to terms with the car thing.  So he likes cars, right?  But just when I accepted it, he started a new obsession… Bob the Builder.  I know who’s to blame for this one.  My mom let him watch it when we were only allowing him to watch Sesame Street occasionally.  Now apparently Sesame Street is “out” and Bob is “in” because he will not watch the gang on the street any longer. I think Bob originally gained favor because of all of the construction vehicles, but it’s gone far beyond that.  All day long he sings, “Bob the Builder” and waits for me to add, “Can we fix it? Yes we can!” Now I find myself making up my own verses… “Can we change it [the diaper]? Yes we can!”  or “Can we eat it?  Yes we can!”  Anything to break up the monotony of that song, especially since I don’t know all of the lyrics.  We’ve got Bob clothes, Bob books, Bob sippy cups and on and on.
Now that I’ve got a daughter, I’m interested (and a bit freaked out) to see what she’s into.  I suppose I can tolerate princesses and tea parties if I have to.  Can we brew it? Yes we can! Then again, maybe she’ll fall in love with Bob as well…

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Insanely Big TV

Posted on Tuesday 17 July 2007

In case I haven’t mentioned it, Big Guy and I are techies. We met online. Our house has about 4 laptops and 4 desktops. We have a Playstation2, X-Box and Gameboy Advance. We’ve got 3 TiVos and 4 TVs. I take that back, because as of today we have 4 itty bitty TVs and one gi-normous monstrosity. I have this guilty feeling that we’re the poster children for American consumerism and materialism. Sigh.
Anyway, Big Guy “broke down” and bought a 56″ DLP TV. It’s more than twice the size of our previous largest TV. It’s HD, of course, which means we then needed to get an appropriate DVD player. Since Big Guy didn’t want to choose between Blue-Ray and HD DVD players, we ended up with a new Playstation 3 (which plays Blue-Ray discs). The hunt is on for new speakers… it’s like a domino effect.

There’s something kind of fun about having a super big TV, but for me it’s a novelty. I think this TV is just a bit too big. We watch a lot of crime TV and all I need is to feel like I’m actually there. Plus, you can see too much, if that makes sense.

Oh, well… the elephant in the room is here to stay!

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Posted on Tuesday 17 July 2007

Saw the latest Harry Potter today at the Baby Movie with Big Guy and the Little Lady… I was incredibly disappointed. And then I was disappointed that I was disappointed. I thought the movie was like an overview of the books – they didn’t seem to delve into any of the plot lines particularly well. Even the Harry/Voldemort plot line seemed shallow. I’ve read several professional reviews raving about the movie and I think they’re insane. Thank goodness the new book is due later this week.

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Book of the Month Club

Posted on Friday 13 July 2007

So… the plan, if I get my act together, is to start a virtual book of the month club here at More Than Mommy. I’d like to highlight some of my favorite books from Barefoot and include activities to go along with the general theme of the book. I will offer a discount on the book of the month, as well as other prizes and incentives over time. I’m hoping it will become a resource for homeschooling parents and for rainy day activities, whether or not you have the book. We’ve got some fabulous books coming out this fall (ok, so we already have plenty of fabulous books available) and I can’t wait to show them off.

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Follow-up to 7/7/07

Posted on Monday 9 July 2007

Thanks to everyone who stopped by, even if you were too shy to leave comments! =}

On a fun note, the concerts are available on You can watch you favorite performers and create short playlists of your own. You can even email them to friends. I “discovered” Jack Johnson while watching the concerts on Saturday and have a new favorite artist! I also enjoyed old favorites… UB40, Dave Matthews and KT Tunstall (Ok, not that old).

I have been trying to be even more aware of the mark I’m leaving on the earth, but with two very small kids, work, etc., it’s hard to live totally green. How are others balancing convenience with green living?

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