Fortune Cookies

Posted on Sunday 28 October 2007

My last fortune read something along the lines of, "Things would probably be better if you stayed close to home today."

If I’m out eating Chinese food, I haven’t stayed close to home. How is that a good fortune to give someone?

Oh, and a bit of trivia for my American readers. If you go to China, in particular Szechuan Province, you should know that people won’t have any clue what a fortune cookie is. They just aren’t done there. You should also know that despite the fact that the food is ridiculously spicy, they most likely won’t serve you rice unless you ask.

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Family Computing and Me

Posted on Wednesday 10 October 2007

I am finally ready to announce that I am the new Family Computing Guide at It was my second attempt at snagging a position with them, but I’m happy that the first time didn’t work out. This is just the perfect spot for me!

The site is just getting ramped up and there’s a lot left to do, but please visit often: Oh, and yeah… the url doesn’t match the name. The site has a new editorial direction.

If anyone needs some basic tips on making it through prep at, please let me know. Obviously there’s confidential stuff I can’t share, but am happy to give out some basic info.

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Listen, Listen – Season Boxes

Posted on Thursday 4 October 2007

If you’ve been waiting for the project for the Book of the Month (Listen, Listen), wait no more. You can find a "how to" on making Season Boxes on Let me know what you think or if you have tips to add.

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ProBlogger Prizes

Posted on Wednesday 3 October 2007

I don’t read a lot of how-to blogs, but one of my favorite blogs is ProBlogger. Right now they’re having a huge "Birthday Bash" Giveaway with prizes galore. Visit ProBlogger for more information.

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