Babies, Babies Everywhere…

Posted on Tuesday 29 January 2008

We now know four couples who are expecting babies between May and July. Not random acquaintances… these are friends. We’ve attended their weddings, etc. It’s so weird. We had our littlest (and probably last) in June 2007, so she’ll be a year older than all of the other kids. Anyway, just random babbling, but it’s weird to have so many other people I know pregnant!

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That Time Again

Posted on Monday 28 January 2008

My web host has been giving me issues again (hi, guys!)… they make updates that break things and don’t warn us that it’s coming. Now, they’ve cut back their customer support. I really hate that transition between webhosts…

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Happy New Year

Posted on Sunday 6 January 2008

Well, we enter the New Year a bit sleep deprived, but over all in good shape. As you know, I’ve been busy working on my site at It’s hard to balance work and family, especially since I tend to need some serious quiet time to write.

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