Sunday, 21 Sep 2008

Is it considered bad parenting…

To laugh at your toddler while he’s having a wild, unexplainable and ridiculous tantrum? Bug woke up too early, spent the morning in the sun and didn’t nap. Bad, bad, bad combination. By late afternoon, everything was a giant drama.

So, when he melted down because LadyBug decided to actually MOVE the Cozy Coupe she was sitting in, I was baffled. When he insisted that it had to remain in a very specific spot, I tried to be understanding. But when he flopped on the floor in screaming hysterics because I didn’t agree that the Cozy Coupe should remain still, I started to giggle. I couldn’t help it. Yeah, I felt like a horrible, non-sympathetic parent, but c’mon, really?

Today was a very long day. I’ll share more about the FAAN walk and the panic that followed later. Today I’m just worn out!

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