Overcomplicating Things

Posted on Saturday 20 September 2008

Tomorrow is the FAAN walk and we need to get up earlier than usual to get there on time. So, guess what I’m doing at 11:50pm. Getting ready for bed? Nope. Packing bags for tomorrow? Nope. I am designing iron-on transfers so we can have matching t-shirts tomorrow. I already made my poor (very patient) husband dye the shirts blue because the craft store didn’t have adult shirts and kid shirts in the same colors (that seems odd, doesn’t it?).

We managed to borrow a jogging stroller (why would the FAAN organizers assume that everyone has jogging strollers handy?!) for Bug and a backpack for LadyBug. I think Bug might be annoyed that he can’t walk, but such is life. Maybe we’ll let him walk a little bit if he seems healthier tomorrow.

I’m just looking forward to being in a nut-free social environment where everyone understands how much food allergies suck. I feel relieved and I’m not even there yet!

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Posted on Friday 19 September 2008

Assuming that Bug doesn’t take a turn for the worse, we’re on for the walk this weekend. He’ll need to ride in a stroller (not sure how that will go), but it’s better than nothing!


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Enough is Enough

Posted on Thursday 18 September 2008

So, turns out Bug is even sicker. His asthma got worse and we had to bring him to the Dr, who put him on steroids and more albuterol (every 4 hours for 4 days – sigh). He’s going to need an inahler (toddler version) for the rest of the winter to try to avoid this happening again.

She doesn’t want us to do the walk on Sunday, so I’m pretty upset about that, too. Bug didn’t have a birthday party last year because he landed himself in the hospital with the same issue. At some point, enough has to be enough. From jaundice as an infant to eczema to some weird skin fungus (they told me he caught it from a swimming pool at 4 months – yeah, ok). He had to have his tear ducts operated on because they never opened up, and he’s got gross motor delays. He’s allergic to peanuts, nuts and eggs, as well as dogs and cats. When we go away, he’s got benaydrl, singulair, nebulizer, twinjects (like epi-pens) and special skin creams. I mean, really. He’s two.

I know there are people who are much worse off. I know there are kids who suffer more, families who sacrifice more. But the fact is that there are families who don’t. And while I certainly don’t wish bad things on anyone, I do wish less bad things on those of us who already have enough to deal with. Wishing isn’t going to do me (or Bug) any good, but wowza I’m tired this week, emotionally and physically.

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Rock-a-Bye Baby

Posted on Wednesday 17 September 2008

The kids are sick and they’re too young for cold medicine. They’re just miserable. LadyBug woke up every 20 minutes to an hour last night. It was awful.

Today, Big Guy stayed home (thank goodness) and we took turns going between napping and mopping up after drooly, snotty, whiny little kids. Bug milked it for all it’s worth by claiming that he had to watch TV because, “I’m not feeling good.” By the end of the day, he was running a fever and his asthma had kicked in. Luckily, we have a nebulizer here and he’s on Singulair, so it should keep it from getting too bad. Last cold season, he ended up in the hospital twice, so we’re looking to avoid that.

I’m just hoping tonight for some sleep and for two somewhat healthier little kids… And I hope I don’t get sick. We’ve got the Food Allergy Walk this weekend and it would be nice if we were all reasonably healthy.

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A World Without Garfield

Posted on Tuesday 16 September 2008

I have to admit that I always thought Garfield was a bit grim. I mean, who really wants a snarky old cat who doesn’t really care about you at all? Most cats aren’t like that. Most cats have at least some affection to spare for one family member or more. Our cat (one of our cats moved to a new home) is a people person. She prefers to be sitting in someone’s lap, playing fetch or otherwise making herself the center of attention.

Yeah, I got distracted. So, have you seen Garfield Minus Garfield? It’s a bit of genius, really. They have simply erased Garfield from the Garfield comics. All that’s left is a sad-looking Jon who seems to spend a lot of his time talking to himself. In reality, it’s not much worse that spending your time talking to cat, especially a grumpy one like Garfield. Anyway, it’s entertaining.

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Updated Mommy

Posted on Monday 15 September 2008

I just ordered my Blackberry Curve (t-mobile) and I can’t wait for it to arrive! I’ve been using the same phone since 2001 and, although I still love it, it’s woefully out-of-date. Still, I’d have happily kept it for another year or so except the battery (which was always phenomenal) is starting to go and the buttons aren’t as responsive as they should be.

With my Blackberry, I’ll be able to check my email, browse the web and maybe even do some blogging. Also, I got an amazing deal through Amazon. They’re basically paying me $99 to get the phone after discounts and rebates. Can’t beat that! In fact, I’m going to use a bit of it to buy a couple of must-have accessories.

If you have any favorite Blackberry tips, please share them. I can’t wait to play!

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This Chair is Too Big

Posted on Sunday 14 September 2008

Spent the afternoon at a friend’s house for a party. It was fun, but both Big Guy and I were really tired when we got home. LadyBug was too young to hang out with the older kids and too old to safely hang with the little ones. Plus, she was determined to climb the stairs. It was just a lot of monitoring….

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The Return of the Cabbage Patch Kid

Posted on Saturday 13 September 2008

The other day Bug found my original Cabbage Patch Kid (born in 1983), Werner Ferdinand. Werner still smells like baby powder and is sporting some jeans I made myself. I have to admit that I was uncomfortable giving Werner (now 25) over to my 2-year-old. But, reason prevailed. I mean, what am I saving him for? So I let Bug tote him around the house, pretend to feed him, and generally give him love. And then the day came when I found bits of 25 year old diaper littered about Bug’s room. Werner has had the same diaper since 1983 and in just a few days, Bug managed to destroy it. My generosity ended at that point and Werner now sits happily on a shelf (albeit with a tattered diaper).

I was feeling a little guilty that I’ve deprived the kids of Cabbage Patch joy, so I was thrilled to see that the original Cabbage Patch Kids have returned for a limited 25th anniversary edition! No more of those crappy new Cabbage Patch dolls. These dolls have the same clothes, hair, faces, etc., as the originals.

I’m thinking that Santa might bring a couple of those cuties for the little folks here. At least then Werner can enjoy his retirement.

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Living the Mama Mia Life

Posted on Friday 12 September 2008

A few weeks ago I saw Mama Mia (the movie). My family is the type of family where people do genuinely burst into song now and again, so I really enjoyed them film. Plus, it’s Abba and it’s hard to be unhappy when you’re listening to Abba. Today I caught myself singing and dancing around to engage Bug. I love that he’ll just start singing and dancing with me, but I know it won’t last. That makes me sad, but for now I’m living the Mama Mia life (minus the illegitimate daughter, of course).

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Posted on Thursday 11 September 2008

It’s 9/11, so once again I’m thinking back on all that happened. This year, I’m also hoping for some positive change in the White House. It’s disturbing to think of how many young people have died in retaliation for 9/11.

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