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Posted on Thursday 20 November 2008

I’m trying to find just the right template in Joomla. I think I’m just going to have to download a few and see which one works in the end. It’s impossible to tell from a picture. Anyway, I’m plugging along on my new site, but I don’t think it will be ready for even a soft release for another week or so at the rate I’m going.

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Social Media and Monetization

Posted on Wednesday 19 November 2008

There has been some talk recently about the monetization of Twitter streams. Some of the Twitter divas would like to capitalize on their large pool of followers by selling ads on their Twitter streams. I’m disappointed. Why does everything have to monetized? We spend time with our kids without billing someone. We read books or watch TV or walk through the woods without getting paid. And, hey, we have lunch with our friends without trying to sell them things (at least most of us do). Why is it ok to force ads on people who have chosen to connect with you in an online space?

Ads on blogs are one thing. Your blog is your house. You can decorate it any way you choose. Twitter is like a phone call and I don’t respond well to telemarketers.

Social Media is all about relationships. Yes, many of them might lead to sales or business contacts, but would you sell your contact list to someone? Not if you value those contacts. Please, folks, don’t sell your followers and friends to the highest bidder!

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WordPress, Joomla or Drupal?

Posted on Tuesday 18 November 2008

Ack, I need to pick platforms for two different websites I’m working on and I can’t quite decide which way to go. I’m leaning towards WordPress on one and Joomla on the other, but that may just mean a large learning curve on both sites. I need a consultant to tell me what to choose. Anyone out there?

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We’re No Jon & Kate Plus 8

Posted on Monday 17 November 2008

We don’t have 8 kids or our own TV show, but, hey, I want a trip to Hawaii, too. I don’t begrudge the Gosselin clan a nice vacation, but geez. How may fantastic trips does one family need? Spread the wealth a little, you know?

Venting aside, I miss traveling. It was tough traveling for work by myself, but now I’ve got kids and I want to show them everything. And, of course, now we can’t afford to show them much of anything. Such is the joy of things.

Where would we go? Definitely Hawaii. DisneyWorld, the Grand Canyon, Paris, Sydney (or Melbourne), Beijing (this is iffy because of Bug’s nut allergies), South Africa, Ireland, San Diego, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Brazil. That’s just to start with. =} I guess I better get back to work!

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#motrinmoms Give Johnson & Johnson an Eyeful

Posted on Sunday 16 November 2008

Rather than repeat the whole sordid tale, I’m going to send you over to About.com, where I blogged about it in detail already. My personal take? The video was obviously meant to be cute, playful and conspiratorial. And it failed, miserably, by taking a stance that was trite, condescending and factually incorrect.

Oh, and Motrin, children aren’t fashion accessories. If they were, they’d spit up and drool at lot less.

You can read my more journalistic overview of the #motrinmoms drama on the Family Computing site.

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Mini Lesson of the Day

Posted on Saturday 15 November 2008

It doesn’t take all that much effort to be nice to someone else. Try holding a door or letting someone into your lane of traffic. It’s easy and kind.

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Posted on Friday 14 November 2008

I took the plunge and finally joined Facebook. It has too many settings, though, so I’m still trying to figure out how to set my profile up the way I think I want it.

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Changing and Growing

Posted on Thursday 13 November 2008

It is time for a change.

I have been home for more than 3 years now, since before Bug was even born. I am so thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to be home full-time with my kids. It’s amazing watching them learn new skills and try out their first words. I love visiting the zoo and play spaces and having parades around the house.

Then again, this has been the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Not just being a mom, which is incredibly and exhausting and exhilarating and scary all wrapped up in a bundle of diapers and drool. I spend a lot of time in my head, dreaming, planning, scheming and such, and that is totally thrown out the window with two crazy kids running around having screaming contests. There are days when I can feel my brain shriveling up in my head.

I stayed home with the kids because I wanted all of the moments. I wanted first steps and first words and hugs and kisses and cuddly times. I’ve had lots of those and hope there are still lots more to come before they feel too old and self-conscious to snuggle.

But I also need to take care of me. For a variety of reasons, I haven’t been living my dreams. I haven’t been following my muse or taking the right chances or exploring. It has nothing to do with being home with the kids, which has made up for years of sub-par living. I have some things I need to accomplish and some commitments to myself and my family that I need to follow through on.

All this drama is leading up to is that I’m hoping to shift to a few days of outside daycare in January or February.  I have a project that will take a to of my time and energy, plus some writing commitments and I need to be able to think. I need time to work when I’m awake and fresh. And I need time to get to a doctor, dentist or even hairdresser every now and again. I’ve been talking about it more and more and have finally reached a point where I feel ok letting go a tiny bit. It’s not that I feel guilty or even that I’m afraid they’ll come under some bad influence. It’s really that I don’t want to miss a minute with them. But, the reality is that they are spending time other places because I just can’t keep up with everything. It’s time to stop piecing things together and make a concrete plan moving forward.

So now that I’ve made the decision (which is, of course, pending the financial practicality of two kids in day care while I work on an unfunded startup…), I feel relieved. I know it will be best for the kids, especially Bug, who needs to practice interacting with peers (ironically, he has the most time with his peers already). And I feel like I can start to fly a bit.

Change is good.

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Fantastic Holiday Gifts

Posted on Wednesday 12 November 2008

Looking for great gadgets for kids and family? Look no further:

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Sick Again?!

Posted on Tuesday 11 November 2008

It seems my kids might be sick again, or maybe sick still, since they haven’t recovered from their last illnesses, yet. Ugh.

When your child tells you that he “just wants to take a nap” you habe to know that something’s going on.

Please, oh, please, let them get healthy and stay that way for a few weeks!

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