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Nightform – Prevention for Plagiocephaly

Have you heard of positional plagiocephaly? It’s also known as flat head syndrome, and is becoming increasingly common in infants. The skull, which is very soft in an infant, becomes flattened on one side, usually from lying in the same position over long periods of time. The “back-to-sleep” campaign, put in place to reduce the […]

Yummy RazBerryTeether!

The RazBerry teether is one of our new catalog items and it’s loads of fun. At only $4.95, this is a great add-on to your new baby gifts! The pacifier is made entirely of silicone and is recommended for babies 3 months and up. If you’re interested in purchasing a RazBerry Teether, Keep-it-Kleen Pacifier, or […]

WAHMs Unite!

Today I’m angry. I’m not going to go into what exactly has pushed me over the edge, but I will address the bigger issue. Why do companies think that it’s ok to pay women next to nothing just because they’re working from home? And why do we put up with it? It’s offensive to me […]

A big thank you!

A big thank you to: Lynn Brown The Goodie Bouquet provides fun gift cans for any occasion, either filled or ready for you to fill. Martha Matthews SLM Gifts SLM Gifts carries all manner of gift items for all of your gift-giving needs. Special thanks to these ladies for supporting me in an […]

Do you Squidoo?

I have totally fallen in love with Squidoo! It’s very difficult to explain, but you create these webpages called “lenses” that are about a specific topic of interest. You can use different modules like a text box, links, photos, video, music, RSS feeds, etc. to tell about your topic. You can also include Amazon items, […]


I’m home and had a great time at convention. I’ll be posting more about that, but not tonight. =} Little Guy and Big Guy survived just fine without me and I didn’t cry the WHOLE time I was gone. Seriously, I just got misty-eyed a few times, and had a rough first night. Thanks for […]

Travel and separation anxiety

On Wednesday I leave for a two day conference in Williamsburg, VA (I return on Saturday).  It’s my first time leaving Little Guy and I’m a bit anxious about it.  I know he’ll be ok, but we’ve never been apart for more than a few hours and I know I’m going to miss him horribly.  […]

Stormy weather at the fair

I attended my first fair as a representative of BabyCrazy (and the Greeting Cake Company) this weekend. It wasn’t all that great, unfortunately. After spending an hour getting everything set up just “so” it started to pour. We were under a tent, but I was on the edge. Not only was the rain blowing in, […]

Free Marketing Materials

How to Get Free Marketing Materials or 8 Tips for Making VistaPrint Work for You VistaPrint is an online company that prints business cards, brochures, note pads, address labels, note cards, invitations and more. Typically, you design your materials, upload them, and have them printed and shipped to you. They offer specials on a regular […]

Technologically impaired

I love learning new things. I love seeing new places. Starting a new business, or several as the case may be, is a phenomenal challenge with a high learning curve. Right now, I’m ramping up my technical skills and that’s kicking my butt. It’s my own fault for letting my skills lapse in the first […]