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Birthday Month is Over

Not sure how Bug will handle the end of birthday month, but I’m glad it’s over. Too much cake (can you believe it?), too many presents (although they’re all a lot of fun) and looming thank you notes.

Goin’ Barefoot!

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I have been holding off on announcing my latest endeavor because we were waiting on our snazzy new sales rep websites. Well, they’re here and they’re great! I signed on with Barefoot Books in August because I love the entire product line. We’ve got multi-cultural books, multi-generational books, board books, paperbacks, anthologies… we’ve got books […]

Nightform – Prevention for Plagiocephaly

Have you heard of positional plagiocephaly? It’s also known as flat head syndrome, and is becoming increasingly common in infants. The skull, which is very soft in an infant, becomes flattened on one side, usually from lying in the same position over long periods of time. The “back-to-sleep” campaign, put in place to reduce the […]