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What a Difference a Day Makes

Our LadyBug knows what she wants and she won’t let much get in her way. She’s got some traits that can be infuriating, but her strength of conviction is a source of pride for me.

A Letter to My Husband on Father’s Day

( Big Guy )

Dear Hubby, Our kids are too young to be able to appreciate what a wonderful father they have, so I’m going to write you a note on their behalf. Thank you for: Taking care of the kids when I go out… and not calling it “babysitting.” Getting up at night with them and early in […]

Mom’s Nite Out

( Me andMy Family )

Mom’s Nite Out with My Favorite Ladies!

Loss, Love and Eveny Knees

( Me andMy Family )

We buried my grandmother yesterday. She passed away late last week and I’ve been trying to figure out how to explain what I was feeling at the time.

I Pretty

( LadyBug andMe )

LadyBug has wild hair. It’s not wild like my hair is wild, fortunately, but it still makes her look a bit like Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (yeah, the original with the cute Oompa Loompas and the fun songs). She managed to get Big Guy’s fine locks along with just enough […]

Holy Rabbit Poop, Batman!

We took the kids into the backyard on Saturday because the snow had started to dwindle and the weather was gorgeous. Unfortunately, the yard is covered in some sort of small mammal poop. Big Guy thought rabbits, but I thought maybe skunk. What does skunk poop look like? Anyway, Big Guy made a big deal […]

The Food Allergy Goes to Preschool

I went to pick up Bug from his preschool class the other day (he was in a much better mood, thank heavens) and found him playing two other little boys in the play house area. Each of them was toting a baby around protectively. A little girl stood by watching – she, apparently, was not […]

The Day All Parents Dread

It finally happened. I’ve been sort of dreading it, and it might actually have been worse than I imagined. That’s right, the dreaded TEMPER TANTRUM. Here’s the thing – I am generally pretty careful about maintaining a schedule for my kids. We’re home for nap pretty much every day (unless they’re at school), they go […]

Three Wishes

( Me andMy Family )

This year, I have three wishes above and beyond generic things such as health and happiness. They’re small, but I want to put them out there because they’re also goals. 1. I want us to figure out how to pay for the kids’ daycare two days a week. They’re doing so well and I’ve already […]

I Guess Brunch is Out

Bug had his allergy check-up this week. His blood tests for eggs were negative, but he had shown a strong skin reaction. Still, the allergist suggested that we try giving him a cookie or other baked good with eggs. I started envisioning breakfast out for pancakes (made with eggs) or waffles (made with eggs) or […]