• Big Guy,  Bug (aka Little Guy)

    Birthday Season is Here

    Big Guy’s birthday is October 1 (coincidentally, he was born on the day that DisneyWorld opened – must have been fate). Bug’s birthday is October 29. We also have various sibling, niece, nephew, aunt, friend birthdays over the next month and half. Time to start the shopping… Tomorrow, Bug and I are going to have to pull it together, get a gift for Big Guy, bake a cake AND start his karate classes. Luckily, Lady Bug will spend the day with Grandma so I’m not worried about her, too. I guess I should get some rest!

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  • Bug (aka Little Guy)

    Is it considered bad parenting…

    To laugh at your toddler while he’s having a wild, unexplainable and ridiculous tantrum? Bug woke up too early, spent the morning in the sun and didn’t nap. Bad, bad, bad combination. By late afternoon, everything was a giant drama. So, when he melted down because LadyBug decided to actually MOVE the Cozy Coupe she was sitting in, I was baffled. When he insisted that it had to remain in a very specific spot, I tried to be understanding. But when he flopped on the floor in screaming hysterics because I didn’t agree that the Cozy Coupe should remain still, I started to giggle. I couldn’t help it. Yeah, I…

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  • Bug (aka Little Guy)

    Enough is Enough

    So, turns out Bug is even sicker. His asthma got worse and we had to bring him to the Dr, who put him on steroids and more albuterol (every 4 hours for 4 days – sigh). He’s going to need an inahler (toddler version) for the rest of the winter to try to avoid this happening again. She doesn’t want us to do the walk on Sunday, so I’m pretty upset about that, too. Bug didn’t have a birthday party last year because he landed himself in the hospital with the same issue. At some point, enough has to be enough. From jaundice as an infant to eczema to some…

  • Bug (aka Little Guy),  LadyBug

    Rock-a-Bye Baby

    The kids are sick and they’re too young for cold medicine. They’re just miserable. LadyBug woke up every 20 minutes to an hour last night. It was awful. Today, Big Guy stayed home (thank goodness) and we took turns going between napping and mopping up after drooly, snotty, whiny little kids. Bug milked it for all it’s worth by claiming that he had to watch TV because, “I’m not feeling good.” By the end of the day, he was running a fever and his asthma had kicked in. Luckily, we have a nebulizer here and he’s on Singulair, so it should keep it from getting too bad. Last cold season,…

  • Bug (aka Little Guy),  Me

    Rain, Rain, Go Away

    I don’t know how it’s going in the rest of the country, but here in the Northeast it feels like it has been raining forever. I think we’ve easily had rain almost every day for over a month. Don’t get me wrong, rain is good. Plants need rain, yada, yada. But, for a mom home all day with two young kids, it’s a little bit like Mother Nature’s personal torture device. We can’t go outside to play or for a walk, and going anywhere else means two wet kids and a very wet Mama. To make matters worse, Bug has decided that he’s afraid of thunder. If it starts while…

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  • Bug (aka Little Guy),  LadyBug


    I was concerned about Bug’s (aka Little Guy) reaction to getting a new baby sister. He was used to being the center of the attention and all that, plus, he was pretty young when she was born (20 months). She’s 8 months old now and he has been the most loving older brother you could ask for. He talks to her and hugs her and brings her toys. That is, until about a week or two ago when he started a new “game.” LadyBug spends a lot of time sitting on a blanket on the playmats in our living room. She doesn’t roll over yet (sigh, just like Bug), but…

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    Am I Crazy?

    So, tomorrow I set off for Maine with my two kids and my 10-year-old niece. It’s just over 2 hours away and I’m a bit concerned that the car ride is going to be a nightmare. The doting grandparents will be on hand at the other end to help out, but I am a bit nervous about the whole thing.  Will Little Guy sleep in his make-shift crib (a playyard around a crib mattress on the floor)? Will Little Lady sleep at all?  Can we make it all the way to Maine without one or the both of them freaking out? Time will tell, I suppose. Anyway, send positive thoughts…

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    Can we post it? Yes we can!

    Raising kids has brought the question of nature vs. nurture to the forefront of my mind.  I definitely have been trying to be aware of the toys, media, etc., my kids are exposed to.  I’m learning that it’s nearly impossible, because even at 21 months, Little Guy is highly influenced by his grandparents (over whom I have no influence), aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.  More importantly, he’s his own person. I recently read an essay from the book It’s a Boy: Women Writers on Raising Sons  that talked about learning to let go when, despite your best efforts, your boy likes “boy” things.   I don’t care if my son likes…

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    New addition

    I am back yet again, this time with a new baby girl!  I had forgotten what a newborn is like… always eating and sleeping and eating and eating. It’s funny because now that I have a toddler, the newborn seems like a piece of cake.  Sure, she’s a diva who doesn’t want to be put down, but still… how hard is it to just lay her on your chest and relax?  I certainly don’t need an excuse to kick back and do nothing. =} Little Guy is smitten with the baby, but not so happy with Big Guy and I for not hanging on his every word.  He managed to…

  • Bug (aka Little Guy),  My Family


    Little Guy is finally walking. We can all breathe a sigh of relief because he’s not so little any more and was getting too big to carry everywhere!