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Sing, Sing a Song

( Me andTechnology )

Spent a little time today loading some MP3s on my Blackberry and then listening to music on it (over the speaker). It sounded better than my radio. =} Oh, I just love my little ‘berry.

Updated Mommy

( Me andTechnology )

I just ordered my Blackberry Curve (t-mobile) and I can’t wait for it to arrive! I’ve been using the same phone since 2001 and, although I still love it, it’s woefully out-of-date. Still, I’d have happily kept it for another year or so except the battery (which was always phenomenal) is starting to go and […]

Insanely Big TV

( Big Guy andMe andTechnology )

In case I haven’t mentioned it, Big Guy and I are techies. We met online. Our house has about 4 laptops and 4 desktops. We have a Playstation2, X-Box and Gameboy Advance. We’ve got 3 TiVos and 4 TVs. I take that back, because as of today we have 4 itty bitty TVs and one […]

Do you Squidoo?

I have totally fallen in love with Squidoo! It’s very difficult to explain, but you create these webpages called “lenses” that are about a specific topic of interest. You can use different modules like a text box, links, photos, video, music, RSS feeds, etc. to tell about your topic. You can also include Amazon items, […]


( Me andTechnology )

I managed to let my personal domain expire over the weekend.  It’s a long, boring story how it happened, but obviously I didn’t know it was coming.  All of a sudden I started having trouble downloading my email, and… well, no domain.  My previous webhost claims to have support 24/7, but since I sent them […]

Technologically impaired

I love learning new things. I love seeing new places. Starting a new business, or several as the case may be, is a phenomenal challenge with a high learning curve. Right now, I’m ramping up my technical skills and that’s kicking my butt. It’s my own fault for letting my skills lapse in the first […]