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Jon & Kate Plus 8 – Where Have all the Interesting Episodes Gone?

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I am not going to badmouth Jon & Kate. I think there are a number of issues there, just like there are in most families, but they’re going to need to work those out for themselves. So, Dear Jon & Kate Plus 8’s PR rep and TLC, I have been a fan of the show […]

Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes and the Return of TV (Part 2)

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Grey’s Anatomy tonight was surprisingly good. The previews had show Derek’s one-night stand announcing she was pregnant and I have been annoyed. How cliche’ to have the couple finally get together only to have a pregnant girlfriend in the mix. But it turns out that the Grey’s Anatomy writers do have some sense and it […]

Advocating for Our Kids

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My first thoughts whenever I hear the name “Jenny McCarthy” are of a trashy blonde host on MTV. So when my mom called today and said, “TiVo Oprah,” and I saw that Jenny McCarthy was on, I was a bit skeptical. Jenny was on Oprah today promoting her new book Mother Warriors. In it, she […]

The Return of TV

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Hurray for fall TV! Should I be watching? No. Will I be watching? Most definitely.

Bad Parenting Awards

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Parenting is hard. They tell you that before you have kids, but you don’t really understand what it means until you have a toddler shrieking and throwing blocks at you while your newborn screams bloody murder and you haven’t eaten a proper meal or slept more than a couple of hours at a time in […]

Women are like puppies…

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If you watch Trading Spouses, you may have experienced a whole new level of male chauvenist piggy-ness. One of the husbands actually said, “A woman is just like a puppy dog. If they do something right, you give them a treat – flip ’em a dollar bill or something – and they’ll be all right.” […]