What a Difference a Day Makes

Posted on Saturday 4 July 2009

LadyBug has always been a spirited child. Where the rest of us sit and read books or watch TV, she jumps on the couch. While we snuggle together and talk quietly, she squirms and flips and screeches. We’re not quite sure where she came from, but she certainly adds some spice to our lives!

I knew, when she was just a year-and-a-half and already taunting her older brother by stealing toys and running away, that she was going to be a bit of a handful. And so it was no surprise that her second birthday gift to us was learning how to emphatically use the word, “no.” Bug went through this phase at the same age, but she’s given it her own special twist. No matter what you ask her, she answers with a sharp and unpleasant, “NO!” It is often followed up by a whiny request for whatever it is you just offered. For example, “Would you like some ice cream?” “NO!!! I want some ice cream…”

One of the delights and challenges of this particular age is how quickly they change. One day, they’re holding your hand and sighing, “Mama” when they see you. They next, they’re pulling away and screaming, “Noooooooo!” The one upside to all of this change is that when things get really ugly, you can be sure that it won’t last for long.

I’m not going to miss LadyBug’s snarky behavior when she (fingers crossed) moves on to the next phase of her development. But there are things I am going to miss. I love the way she tells her brother to calm down when he’s upset. Or reminds him, “Daddy’s at work!” over and over again as Bug complains that he misses his father. I love that when she’s tired or sad and I pick her up, she drapes onto my shoulder and wraps her arms around me. I love the way her face lights up when she smiles and how sweet she looks when she’s sleeping. I don’t like to admit it, but I love the impish look she gets when she’s being mischievous and that she is such a free spirit. And I love the way she pronounces things in her little-girl, just-learning-to-talk voice. She still says, “I need-a help!” She’s got an intense look of concentration when she’s “reading” her books and her face reveals every fleeting emotion that’s going on inside.  My little girl knows how to try my patience in a way I can’t even begin to describe, but she does it all with positive energy, sunlight and a lot of personality.

I hope that last bit never changes.

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Home Sweet Home

Posted on Monday 8 June 2009

We bought our current house just about a month after we got married. I was in Australia for work for the closing and Big Guy had to do all of the paperwork himself. Poor thing! We moved in a month after that and the following month we were pregnant. It was a whirlwind process. For the next 20 months, I was either pregnant or dealing with a newborn/baby. And, just before Bug’s first birthday (he was nowhere near walking at that point), we found out we were pregnant again!

LadyBug turns two this week and I finally feel like we are able to do some projects around the house. We’ve been living here for almost four years! That’s not to say that we haven’t done projects, but we haven’t been able to work on them together without sending the kids far, far away. LadyBug is… uhm… spirited, so it’s still a challenge, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And now I’d really just prefer a different house. There are things I love about this house… a fantastic kitchen (we’re talking about a really beautiful kitchen) and a lovely great room with a nice high ceiling. But the bathrooms are microscopic, and there’s no master suite/bath. I compromised on the garage (there is none) and the yard is smaller than I wanted to begin with. With the awful real estate market, we can’t afford to sell and so it’s all about making the best out of what you’ve got. I can’t really complain too much because we’ve got a house and it’s pretty nice, even if it’s not exactly what I want.

So, when Twitter Moms asked us to share what home means to us, it forced me to think about things in a different way. Our home is where we came after we vowed to spend our lives together. We brought our kids home from the hospital here (Bug came home on Halloween and we had trick-or-treaters banging on the door!). They’ve learned to walk, talk and give hugs here. It has become my office and my kids’ perpetual playground. We’ve had friends and family come for celebrations and holiday dinners. Despite the physical flaws I see, it is a place that holds our most treasured memories.

What does home mean to you? Drop by TwitterMoms and let them know. You could win an “Away We Go” Prize Pack.

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No New Members in the Food Allergy Club!

Posted on Friday 8 May 2009

So, Bug has been breaking out in a rash around his mouth and we’re pretty sure it’s a mild dairy allergy. He had a dairy allergy as an infant and at his last test, it was still a low positive. The worrisome thing is that it wasn’t bothering him and now it is, which suggests that it’s getting worse.

I say, No. Go away, food allergies! We’ve got enough to handle without adding a dairy allergy, too.

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