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There’s nothing like getting to the bottom of a bowl of soup…

Everything takes longer than I think it will. I don’t know if that makes me an optimist or just stupid. This blog is the perfect example. I think, “La la la [ok, maybe I don’t think that EXACTLY], I think I’ll start a blog.” All kinds of people have blogs and I’m technologically more savvy than a good percentage of them, so no big deal, right? But I can’t just head to a blogging site and keep my blog there. Oh, no. I decide my blog needs to reside on a new domain (my old one wasn’t good enough). And I need just the right name for the domain (see below).

I survived all of that, obviously, since here you are. But that’s not the end of it. The themes that came with the blog weren’t interesting enough, so I went looking about for just the right theme. As of this post, I haven’t found it, but I’ve decided on temporarily good enough. Now I’ve decided that I need a logo. Not just any logo, but a super fabulous, custom designed, character logo. I’m still working on that one.

Now I’m fighting with various plugins to make my blogging life easier. Hah. I won’t even get into that particular drama.

So my 10-minute, “Let’s start a blog” project has taken almost 2 weeks just for me to post something. The problem is that my whole life is like this. I manage to over complicate the most basic things and turn them into monumental projects. Is there a help group for this? If so, someone send along the contact info. Then again, don’t. I’ll just end up deciding they need a podcast!

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