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    Template Kudos

    I just wanted to take a moment to give a nod to my template designer, Christina Wiley, at The Designs Division. She has been working with me for quite a while getting this blog to look just the way I want and as I approach the “grand launch” I couldn’t be happier with it. She’s got reasonable prices and she’s phenomenally patient. If you’re looking for a web designer, head her way!

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    Swimming, swimming… or not

    We had an above-ground pool installed last summer. I would have preferred an in-ground pool, but we live in New England and the season is entirely too short to justify spending tens of thousands of dollars on the pool. It’s just as well as the Little Guy would probably tumble in. I’ve never had a pool. I always wanted one as a child, but my parents absolutely refused. “It’s too much work,” they’d always say. Big Guy never had a pool either. As it turns out, it IS a lot of work. And I knew that going in. But what I didn’t anticipate was spending nearly a week cleaning out…

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    WAHM Business Resources

    These are my recommended WAHM Business Resources. They are the resources I use for my own business development, inspiration, marketing, and so on. If you have suggestions for additions, please let me know. Inspiration Making a Living Without a Job Barbara Winter shares her tips on following your passion(s), building income streams, and living on residual income. If you’re someone with a lot of interests and/or talents, this is a great way to follow them all while still making a living. <br /> Marketing Materials VistaPrint VistaPrint is a low-cost alternative for printing your marketing materials, including business cards, postcards, brochures, note cards, and more. I will be including some…