Swimming, swimming… or not

We had an above-ground pool installed last summer. I would have preferred an in-ground pool, but we live in New England and the season is entirely too short to justify spending tens of thousands of dollars on the pool. It’s just as well as the Little Guy would probably tumble in.

I’ve never had a pool. I always wanted one as a child, but my parents absolutely refused. “It’s too much work,” they’d always say. Big Guy never had a pool either. As it turns out, it IS a lot of work. And I knew that going in. But what I didn’t anticipate was spending nearly a week cleaning out our filter every few hours trying to get the water to “turn.”

We opened our pool very late in the season, as all of the pool experts keep reminding me. I continue to remind them that the pool wouldn’t have done us a bit of good in the solid month of rain we’ve been experiencing. In any case, the water was black and murky. It’s now gray and murky, which I suppose is an improvement. I’m becoming more and more skeptical about being able to swim this weekend. Blah.

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