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    Travel and separation anxiety

    On Wednesday I leave for a two day conference in Williamsburg, VA (I return on Saturday).  It’s my first time leaving Little Guy and I’m a bit anxious about it.  I know he’ll be ok, but we’ve never been apart for more than a few hours and I know I’m going to miss him horribly.  To all of the mommies out there having empathy pangs, please send warm thoughts my way so I don’t bawl the whole time I’m gone! The conference is for BabyCrazy, the company I rep for.  We’ll get a preview of the 2006/2007 line, get our new catalogs, and get to meet the President and COO. …

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    Shameless Plug

    I stumbled across Magic Dog Studio the other day and have fallen in love. Jennifer Blunt makes custom sterling silver jewelry out of your childrens’ fingerprints, handprints, footprints, or hand-drawn artwork. Imagine capturing those tiny handprints forever etched in silver or bronze… Or a necklace made from individual charms your child drew of family members. I’ve already sent the link to my husband as a not-so-subtle hint for our upcoming anniversary. [C, if you’re reading this, it constitutes another not-so-subtle hint.] Anyway, you must must must visit her website!

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    All is well that ends well

    Luckily, I caught the domain issue quickly enough that it was easy to resolve.  When I finally managed to contact their supposed ever-present support team, they just charged me $9.95 and turned everything back on.  I don’t understand why I never received a reminder to renew.  I realize that it is ultimately my responsibility, but it seems like basic good customer service.  This is, of course, why I switched hosts in the first place.  I need to figure out how to switch the registration to my current webhost.  They have actual 24/7 live support.  I may even give them a plug – SurfSpeedy!  They aren’t perfect, but they are reasonably…

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    I managed to let my personal domain expire over the weekend.  It’s a long, boring story how it happened, but obviously I didn’t know it was coming.  All of a sudden I started having trouble downloading my email, and… well, no domain.  My previous webhost claims to have support 24/7, but since I sent them a message on Saturday evening and did not receive a reply until late afternoon Sunday, I’m skeptical about this.  Perhaps they don’t realize that simply being able to send them an email 24/7 does not count as support.  My current webhost, on the other hand, does indeed have LIVE support all the time.  I can…

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    Stormy weather at the fair

    I attended my first fair as a representative of BabyCrazy (and the Greeting Cake Company) this weekend. It wasn’t all that great, unfortunately. After spending an hour getting everything set up just “so” it started to pour. We were under a tent, but I was on the edge. Not only was the rain blowing in, but the water was flooding in on the ground, so we had to scramble to move all of our items out of the rain. The shaky weather meant that attendance was on the lower side and I was competing with a more well-known (and well-placed) toy vendor. That said, I did have a few small…

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    Survival of the fittest?

    Little Guy is standing like a champ.  If he holds on to something, he can stand unassisted.  What is the problem, you wonder?  He refuses to hold on to anything.  He’s had this issue ever since he was small that he doesn’t use his arms for much of anything involving pushing and pulling.  We had Early Intervention come for a visit, but he was only behind by a month in gross motor skills and he was ahead in a few others.  Anyway, he’s rolling over like it’s going out of style and pushing up and all of the things he was delayed on in the first place.  But he shows…

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    Sigh. I’d write something intelligent, except that Little Guy woke up at 2:30am, 3:30am, 4:30am (Big Guy took that one) and needed pacifier replacement or to be rearranged in his crib. He woke up for good just before 6, and it’s been downhill from there. I should add that Big Guy normally takes morning duty, except on Wednesday mornings and one day on the weekend. He does better with no sleep! I was commenting yesterday that Little Guy always wakes up early when I’m on duty, and sure enough… 2:30am. Normally he sleeps from 7 or 7:30pm to 7 or 7:30am, so you can see the problem. As if that…

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    Free Marketing Materials

    How to Get Free Marketing Materials or 8 Tips for Making VistaPrint Work for You VistaPrint is an online company that prints business cards, brochures, note pads, address labels, note cards, invitations and more. Typically, you design your materials, upload them, and have them printed and shipped to you. They offer specials on a regular basis that basically allow you to receive free marketing materials. You pay for shipping, a one-time upload fee per design ($4.99) and that’s it. I’m including some tips on how to make the most of VistaPrint’s offers. Please leave a comment and let me know how it works for you! Sign up for their email…

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    Everyone knows that we really like cats… sometimes

    Our house is currently ruled by two ocicats. They are a shorthair breed with spotted markings. Ocicats are known for their intelligence and for their need for human company. As a breed, they are adaptable, good natured, and slightly mischievous. Here’s the problem… a really smart cat is a dangerous thing. One of our cats, Ushaira, gets into everything. First of all, she steals anything in a plastic container, tub, bag, etc. As an example, she stole a 5lb bag of Starburst Fruit Chews off the top of the refrigerator. She took a bag of toaster waffles out of the groceries, hid them in a closet and shredded the bag.…

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    Swimming, finally

    Our pool is finally crystal clear again! We went swimming and once Little Guy had adjusted to the water, we put him in his own little float. He loved being in the pool, but we spent most of our time trying to keep him from drinking the water. That kid will put anything in his mouth right now!

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