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    Yay, Big Guy

    Just had to brag for a moment… I took Little Guy to visit my parents in Maine a week or two ago and when I came home, Big Guy had cleaned the house. Seriously cleaned. Vacuumed and mopped and picked up all of my piles of clutter. Isn’t that wonderful? I knew I married him for a reason!

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    Wiki-Wicked Cool

    Massachusetts is known for using the word “wicked” to mean “really” or “very.” I haven’t used it much since the ’80s when “Wicked Awesome” was in vogue, but it still lingers around in some circles. It seemed appropos to use it to describe Wikipedia (you can search the Wikipedia for “Wicked” and see what I mean). The Wikipedia is basically a living online encyclopedia. You can contribute to it, edit it, or just browse the massive amounts of information included within. It is a community written, edited, and maintained reference source. I wouldn’t recommended it as a definitive source of information, but it’s a great place to learn more about…

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    Technologically impaired

    I love learning new things. I love seeing new places. Starting a new business, or several as the case may be, is a phenomenal challenge with a high learning curve. Right now, I’m ramping up my technical skills and that’s kicking my butt. It’s my own fault for letting my skills lapse in the first place. Here’s the thing… I’m a techie at heart. I began using a computer in 1981 or so and haven’t stopped ever since! [I even met my hubby online!] I was online in 1989 in the earliest days of the internet (before the “web” existed – can you imagine an internet without web pages and…