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Stormy weather at the fair

I attended my first fair as a representative of BabyCrazy (and the Greeting Cake Company) this weekend. It wasn’t all that great, unfortunately. After spending an hour getting everything set up just “so” it started to pour. We were under a tent, but I was on the edge. Not only was the rain blowing in, but the water was flooding in on the ground, so we had to scramble to move all of our items out of the rain. The shaky weather meant that attendance was on the lower side and I was competing with a more well-known (and well-placed) toy vendor. That said, I did have a few small sales, and hopefully created at least a bit of a “buzz” about the company.

The good news is that both Little Guy and Big Guy stayed for the event. Little Guy had a great time watching all of the other kids and went until 1:30 with no nap. He finally fell asleep in his stroller from exhaustion, but not before charming the vendors around us.

I learned a lot about how to prepare and I had a chance to give out a bunch of MomPacks. I’m hoping that some of the folks who were too busy to stop and really look might check out my website out of curiosity. Oh, well. At least we HAD a tent!

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