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Technologically impaired

I love learning new things. I love seeing new places. Starting a new business, or several as the case may be, is a phenomenal challenge with a high learning curve. Right now, I’m ramping up my technical skills and that’s kicking my butt. It’s my own fault for letting my skills lapse in the first place.

Here’s the thing… I’m a techie at heart. I began using a computer in 1981 or so and haven’t stopped ever since! [I even met my hubby online!] I was online in 1989 in the earliest days of the internet (before the “web” existed – can you imagine an internet without web pages and html?). Back then, the intenet was primarily used by government employees and college students. My first school, Stevens Institute of Technology, had all of our dorms networked and we all communicated via email, chat, and BBSes.

The story of my academic career is a long one, kind of boring, and destined for another day, but the short version is that I ended up with a minor in Computer Science (from UMass Amherst!). And ever since then, other than some minor dabbling with websites, blogs, and such, I haven’t used a computer for much more than word processing, email, surfing the web, and playing video games.

That brings me to today where I haven’t a clue about PHP and CSS. The blog itself is a breeze, but now there are RSS feeds, trackbacks, pings, and random other new technologies that I’ve got to brush up on. I haven’t even got a bit of patience for (or interest in) podcasting. I’m hoping that’s a trend that stays marginalized! Anyway, I’m figuring it all out, but it’s taking me a lot longer than I’d like.

The funny thing about all of this is that Little Guy will grow up immersed in a world so full of technology, he won’t be able to comprehend life before it all. I was born in 1971, not THAT long ago. All the same, there were no CDs, DVDs, or even video tapes! We didn’t have cable until I was in middle school and no one had computers at home. The internet had just been launched a year or two before I was born. No cell or cordless phones. Heck, we still had rotary dialing. Ah, the good old days. Hah! =}

Ok, I hope you’ll bear with me on this journey… and if you have any advice, please feel free to share!


  • Cheryl

    Im impressed! We’re the same age and youre right! These things have a bit of a learning curve! Ive been web designing for 10 years, and I just started blogging this year ( and I found the learning curve very high, even with knowing html! Its so fun tho! The most frustrating part is that the 13 year olds can run circles around me! 🙂 Great job, keep up the good work. The site looks and feels GREAT!

  • Judi

    Do you remember the first “remote controls” for tv? They had a wire that connected them to the tv.. and same for cable.. this funky slide box thing…

    Your site looks great… all the other stuff (php, css..) it’ll all come easy enough. 🙂

  • Christy

    My grandparents had a TV with a “clicker” and I’m not sure how it worked. I do know that if you sat close to the TV and coughed or clapped, it would change channels!