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Dead and gross

When we got home, I went to check the pool. It was cloudy. And green. With things floating in it. Dead things… dragonflies, leaves, earwigs. Things like that. Oh, yeah, and a squirrel. So I have to ask… who goes away for five days and returns to a dead squirrel in their pool?! We haven’t had a dead animal in our pool in the year we’ve had it, so why did one decide to take the plunge while we were away?

Big guy fished him out. Let’s face it, that’s one of the big perks of being married. =} Anyway, he left it on the side of the lawn and said he’d bury it later. Today he went to bury it and it was gone. I suppose it was one of those random suburban coyotes.

The pool is slightly less green, but still pretty gross.


  • Judi

    Gross on the green pool! We had a pool for 2 years and it seemed I was constantly cleaning, shocking it and adding chlorine to get rid of the algae and floating bugs/leaves. I decided it was too much work fo the little enjoyment I got from it. Now… if I had a pool guy….

    Seems odd about the squirrel deciding to take a swim. Sad too. I like squirrels.

  • karen willis

    Well I went out this morning to check my pool I have a little intex 12′ by 36″ pool and there was a darn dead squirrel floating on top. So I didn’t know what to do so I called the police station hoping they could help well they told me I had to skim it out myself and throw it in the trash or bury it so I barried the thing. It was so darn creepy I never though such a thing could happen so I ordered a pool cover I learned my lesson the hard way. Also that super shock treatment does work great I use it once a week.