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    Under-qualification and smeary crayons

    Little Guy has finally been qualified for Early Intervention. He’s always been kind of behind in his gross motor skills, but he wasn’t far enough behind to qualify for services to keep him from falling further behind. As a result, he has fallen further behind, so now they will provide services to help him catch up. The joys of bureaucracy. Anyway, Little Guy has a sixth sense about the Early Intervention team. Last time they came, he started doing all sorts of things that he had never done before. It was amazing. This time, I sent out a very clear message to all of my family members (and especially to…

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    A Smile Means Friendship to Everyone

    Yeah, It’s a Small World.  I say this quite frequently.  It seems that I am particularly prone to overlaps in different areas of my life. My most recent example definitely takes the cake.  By way of background, I currently have a prominent position in a local Mom’s group.  My name appears in the newsletter, etc. About a week ago, I received an email from a pen pal I had when I was 12.   This is already strange, because I’m now in my 30’s.  As it happens, I did not change my name when I got married and she knew I was from this area, so she gave it a shot. …

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    Nightform – Prevention for Plagiocephaly

    Have you heard of positional plagiocephaly? It’s also known as flat head syndrome, and is becoming increasingly common in infants. The skull, which is very soft in an infant, becomes flattened on one side, usually from lying in the same position over long periods of time. The “back-to-sleep” campaign, put in place to reduce the risk of SIDS, has potentially increased the appearance of this problem. You may have seen babies wearing helmets to reshape their skulls. The helmets are expensive and insurance companies often won’t cover the costs. The best way to handle positional plagiocephaly is to avoid it. Nightform is the first FDA-approved product designed to prevent positional plagiocephaly…

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    September Search Engine Fun

    My site doesn’t have a ton of hits yet, but I usually get a few a week from search engine queries. I have been thoroughly amused by the many ways people find my site, and thought I’d start sharing the fun with you. So far, for the month of September: 8 different keyphrases Search Percent razberry teether 4 36.3 % mom does not want me to have a destination wedding 1 9 % who knows mommy more 1 9 % campbell s soup commercial chunkier 1 9 % dead gross things 1 9 % back-to-school cake 1 9 % goodie bouquet 1 9 % babycrazy 1 9 % I suspect…

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    Women are like puppies…

    If you watch Trading Spouses, you may have experienced a whole new level of male chauvenist piggy-ness. One of the husbands actually said, “A woman is just like a puppy dog. If they do something right, you give them a treat – flip ’em a dollar bill or something – and they’ll be all right.” Now, I suppose he could have been kidding, but what kind of idiot says things like that out loud?

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    Crazy Weekend

    On Saturday, I went to my soon-to-be sister-in-law’s shower, and then hurried home for my BabyCrazy/Barefoot Books Open House.  My husband (did I mention how wonderful he is?) spent the morning cleaning and watching Little Guy.  After the Open House, he went to the bachelor party.  It’s a bit weird, because it’s my brother-in-law’s second marriage (the last one ended in under 6 months) in about two years, so we’ve sort of just been through this.  We’re all trying to be supportive, but the whole thing is a bit weird.  Anyway, they just announced their engagment MAYBE two months ago (and, no, she’s not pregnant), so we’ve been in this…

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    In remembrance

    I just want to take a virtual moment of silence for those who lost their lives in the attacks on 9/11, those who have lost their lives in the aftermath, and those who are suffering today.

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    Blog it Forward Six Degrees Part II

    My apologies for the delay!  As a reminder, the idea behind BIFSD (for lack of a better name) is to stretch out beyond my inner circle and see what I find.  I chose a blog from my blogroll and then chose a blog from their blogroll, and onwards until I found the 6th degree blog.  Pretty simple. This was a bit more challenging than I thought, so I had to make a couple of rules (ack!): 1. Each blog must have some sort of blogroll, whether it’s a list of bloggers they read, or bloggers that read them.  Basically, I have to be able to go somewhere interesting from the…