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Blog it Forward Six Degrees Part II

My apologies for the delay!  As a reminder, the idea behind BIFSD (for lack of a better name) is to stretch out beyond my inner circle and see what I find.  I chose a blog from my blogroll and then chose a blog from their blogroll, and onwards until I found the 6th degree blog.  Pretty simple.

This was a bit more challenging than I thought, so I had to make a couple of rules (ack!):

1. Each blog must have some sort of blogroll, whether it’s a list of bloggers they read, or bloggers that read them.  Basically, I have to be able to go somewhere interesting from the starting blog.

2. I have to find something remotely interesting about each blog on the way to the final destination.I found some very interesting blogs on the way to my 6th degree, so you should definitely check them out.  However, some blogs may be offensive to some people – if you’re one of those people, just move along to the next one!  The first BIFSD path is:

1. Troll Baby

2. Snozzberries

3. Bonanza Jellybean

4. Treading Lightly on Powdered Sugar

5. I wasn’t always like this…

And the 6th degree blog is (drumroll, please)…

Little Earthquakes

This blog already had name appeal because I really enjoyed the Jennifer Weiner book by the same name. Heidi seems like a down-to-earth mommy blogger.  Her posts are a bit sparse this summer, but she’s got another blog that she has been working on a bit more.  Now, this is truly a big coincidence, because she’s got quite a nice post about putting yourself first now and again.  It’s called “Taking Time for Me”  and I believe is dated June 26.  Anyway, it fits nicely with my previous commentary on the subject so I give it a big kudos!  Hurray for Heidi, and good luck to her in her journey towards health and self-discovery…

Please take a moment to visit Heidi, or one of the other bloggers on the path…


  • mongakim

    Thank you so much for including me in your path. I most likely land in the pile of blogs that can be construed to be offensive and so I’ll say my “I’m Sorry’s” up front…

    Heidi is a great read and you nailed it on the head when you called her down to earth. I hope everyone takes your advice and stops in to meet her.