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WAHMs Unite!

Today I’m angry. I’m not going to go into what exactly has pushed me over the edge, but I will address the bigger issue. Why do companies think that it’s ok to pay women next to nothing just because they’re working from home? And why do we put up with it? It’s offensive to me how little some companies pay for what results in a lot of work. If I’m doing the same work I would be doing in an office, I expect to be compensated at the same level.

Over and over again, I see women undercharge for their products, their services, and their time. They think they’re being nice, but the folks who are exploiting that aren’t so nice. They say they do it out of love for the business, product, or whatever. I think we need to love ourselves. I know that’s all well and good when there are children to feed, bills to pay, etc., but how else can we break the cycle?

I don’t have a great answer… which is part of why I’m so angry. Maybe we need some sort of union, or perhaps we need to re-examine the independent contractor laws that allow a person to be paid at less than minimum wage by some sort of weak employment law loophole. I don’t know, but this just needs to change…

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