Live Earth 7.7.07

Good-bye Junk Mail

Junk mail wastes tons and tons of paper each year. If you find that you’re getting too many catalogs, credit card offers or other junk mail, take some time to resolve the problem.

  • Call mail order companies and ask them to remove your name from their list. If you like receiving catalogs, check to make sure you’re not getting multiples.
  • Opt-out of credit card offers. Call the toll free number,1-888-5OPTOUT and request to have your name removed from the credit card offer lists for 5 years or permanently.
  • Opt-out of Magazine Offers by emailing with your name and mailing address.
  • Opt-out of generic sales junk mail, by completing this form with the Direct Marketing Association. There is a $1 fee for this “service”. If you don’t feel comfortable giving your credit card online, you can print and mail this form (along with a $1 check or money order):

Too busy to do all of that yourself? can do it for you. The service costs $41 (according to their website, more than 1/3 of that is donated to an environmental charity) and will last for five years. Honestly, I’m not sure why their service would be any better than paying the DMA $1 and donating the money yourself, but that’s your choice!