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Insanely Big TV

In case I haven’t mentioned it, Big Guy and I are techies. We met online. Our house has about 4 laptops and 4 desktops. We have a Playstation2, X-Box and Gameboy Advance. We’ve got 3 TiVos and 4 TVs. I take that back, because as of today we have 4 itty bitty TVs and one gi-normous monstrosity. I have this guilty feeling that we’re the poster children for American consumerism and materialism. Sigh.
Anyway, Big Guy “broke down” and bought a 56″ DLP TV. It’s more than twice the size of our previous largest TV. It’s HD, of course, which means we then needed to get an appropriate DVD player. Since Big Guy didn’t want to choose between Blue-Ray and HD DVD players, we ended up with a new Playstation 3 (which plays Blue-Ray discs). The hunt is on for new speakers… it’s like a domino effect.

There’s something kind of fun about having a super big TV, but for me it’s a novelty. I think this TV is just a bit too big. We watch a lot of crime TV and all I need is to feel like I’m actually there. Plus, you can see too much, if that makes sense.

Oh, well… the elephant in the room is here to stay!

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