• Live Earth 7.7.07

    Good-bye Junk Mail

    Junk mail wastes tons and tons of paper each year. If you find that you’re getting too many catalogs, credit card offers or other junk mail, take some time to resolve the problem. Call mail order companies and ask them to remove your name from their list. If you like receiving catalogs, check to make sure you’re not getting multiples. Opt-out of credit card offers. Call the toll free number,1-888-5OPTOUT and request to have your name removed from the credit card offer lists for 5 years or permanently. Opt-out of Magazine Offers by emailing optout@abacus-us.com with your name and mailing address. Opt-out of generic sales junk mail, by completing this…

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  • Live Earth 7.7.07

    Small steps to conservation

    Take some time today to fix leaky faucets, replace lightbulbs with energy efficient versions, and educate your kids about turning off lights to conserve energy. Every little bit helps!

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  • Live Earth 7.7.07

    Kiwi Magazine

    Kiwi Magazine is dedicated to helping families live organic, earth-friendly lives. Their website has recipes, crafts, and even a section just for kids. Check it out!

  • Live Earth 7.7.07

    Going Green

    Today we’ll dedicate MoreThanMommy to green practices and awareness. Proceeds today (7/7/07) from any purchases at Barefoot Books or BabyCrazy will go towards environmental efforts. Please share your favorite green practices in our comments and stop back throughout the day for mini green updates!

  • Live Earth 7.7.07

    Live Earth

    If you’re a supporter of environmental efforts and you like a great concert, check out Live Earth on 7/7/07. You can watch the concerts on streaming video. In the meantime, check out the cute Barefoot Books ecard below. It’s a snippet from our new book, Whole World.

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    The backyard story

    Apparently it was a bad winter in New England for swimming pools. Have no idea what that means? I’ll tell you. It’s supposed to snow before it gets really cold. The snow insulates the ground and keeps the ground from getting especially cold. If it doesn’t snow early enough, the ground gets cold and creates frost heaves. The frost heaves rise up and attack your pool liner. Your pool liner tears and pours gallons upon gallons of murky, smelly, greenish water into your yard. The water rises up, finds a crack in an old window that doesn’t ever even see daylight, and pours into your recently remodeled basement. Your husband…

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    About Me

    You may at times feel that my blog is all over the place and ask yourself if one person can possibly have so many interests. The fact is that I do have more interests than the average person, so I thought I’d take a moment to prove it to you. If this is too much info for you, don’t read on! Domestically speaking, I’m a mother, a wife and home owner. I am owned by two cats. My formal education consists of a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst (and with a minor in Computer Science – I also attended Stevens Institute of Technology). I have…