MTM Tip of the Week

A weekend away with 22-month-old toddler son and 2.5 month-old don’t-put-me-down daughter isn’t all that much of a vacation. Not even with a husband who gets up in the middle of the night, changes, diapers, and is an all-around good dad. Not even in the in-laws’ house right on the beach.

The in-laws, who admittedly drive me crazy, cleaned the house, put out fresh sheets, and did everything they could to make sure our weekend was relaxing. My sister-in-law, who has no children, managed to leave us without sheets on the beds, dog hair on everywhere (which Big Guy is allergic to), dishes in the dishwasher, and – get this – wet towels in the washing machine. She actually left us a note on Wednesday evening to tell us that she didn’t have time to put the sheets on the bed and that the towels in the washing machine need to go into the dryer. We arrived on Friday. Who does that? Why even bother washing the towels if you’re not going to put them in the dryer?

Anyway, the weather was gorgeous and it was fun to play in the sand with Little Guy. He’s afraid of the water, so that wasn’t so great, but he was pretty excited about the seagulls.

While we were gone, a friend came over to feed the cats. We managed to trap one of them in the bedroom before leaving, so she peed and pooped everywhere.

I’m so glad to be home. I’m not going anywhere again for a long time… at least til the Little Lady learns how to sleep through the night.

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