So tired.

I’m in prep for… nearing the end, thank goodness. My brain is fried and I’m exhausted. I’ve gone through prep before and I think the problem is that I generate so many ideas for things I want to write about that I feel overwhelmed. Oh.. that and the fact that my family can’t seem to handle me working for more than a few hours a week. Hopefully they’ll get used to it.

This week, we’ve also got a big welcome party for the Little Lady, we’re having a fence installed (after a few threats on my part to the fence co. about keeping their word), our primary car is in the shop from a fender bender (Big Guy and Little Guy on their way to Gymboree), and Big Guy has some big software release coming up for work. It’s not pretty.

If you read this in the next couple of days, wish me luck on prep. I’d really like this job – it’s perfect for me!

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