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So… very… tired..

Ok, we’re back from Maine. We had a nice time, especially Little Guy, who was in his glory. I had less night-time sleep than I normally do (Big Guy and I share nighttime baby duty, so I was on my own in Maine). My parents were wonderful and my niece, who came along as a “Mother’s Helper” was, indeed, a great help. That said, I’m tired.  I’m a total introvert and need quiet time of my own. If I don’t get it, I start to freak out. I normally spend some time shopping on my own, but felt like I should bring my niece (she’s 10) so she didn’t spend the whole time chasing my kids. I also normally go for a walk along the shore on my own and didn’t have the time/energy for that. I didn’t even have much time to relax on the deck with a book. Sigh. This is what being a mom is about.

After all that complaining, I had a pretty nice time. I’m glad I went. And now I’m going to try to catch up on some sleep!

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