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September Book of the Month – Listen, Listen

ListenlistencoverAs promised, the Book of the Month club has begun. The book for September 2007 is Listen, Listen by Phillis Gershator, illustrated by Alison Jay. 

Listen, Listen is a stunning journey through the seasons, exploring the sites and sounds of a quiet countryside throughout the year. Alison Jay’s illustrations lend a simple beauty to this tale.

This is just the right book to read along with your toddler or preschooler, who will delight in helping make the sounds of the season (“shhh, shhh” or “buzz, buzz”) and identifying some of the creatures they meet along the way. Early readers will find the simple and rhythmic text fun to read and older kids can use the poetic language as a springboard for writing of their own.

Listen, Listen is recommended for independent readers ages 4–9, or for reading together. The hardcover version is 32pp and retails for $16.99*.  It is eligible for the Book of the Month discount in September, October and November, 2007.

Please contact me through my Barefoot Books website for information on joining the Book of the Month Club. It is free and has no obligation – I just like to keep basic contact information so I can quickly process your orders and for other special treats. Book of the Month readers get 10% off on the featured title (eligible dates for purchase discounts are listed with each book). Special incentives will be revealed shortly for those who participate in the Book of the Month on a regular basis. Purchases must be made with me directly and not through my website. *shipping and tax (where applicable) are extra.