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    My So-Called Thirtysomething Life… Again

    I just finished watching quarterlife on NBC, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I never caught any of the webisodes because I’m not a big fan of watching TV on my laptop. Mainly because I’m typically using my laptop while watching TV. And the sound is off to fend off websites that emit unwanted sound effects without my permission. Ahem. Anyway, it was a pretty good show and, of course, I think Scott Michael Foster is a doll (loved him on Greek, too). I am, admittedly, a sucker for shows that focus on the stress and strife of a particular age group… it doesn’t matter if I’m in the group or not. Ok, I…

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    Lane Bryant Right Fit

    Jeans. I live in jeans and, yet, they’re the bane of my existence. I’m a curvy woman, what can I say? Is it so hard for clothes designers to understand that some of us have hips and a butt? Even when I was a heck of a lot skinnier I had trouble with jeans. Anyway, Lane Bryant has come up with some new pants sizes for women with fewer curves, women with medium curves and women with lots of curves. I’m all about curvy jeans so I decided to check them out. These are the best fitting jeans I’ve ever owned. They’re probably not right for everyone, but if you…

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  • Bug (aka Little Guy),  LadyBug


    I was concerned about Bug’s (aka Little Guy) reaction to getting a new baby sister. He was used to being the center of the attention and all that, plus, he was pretty young when she was born (20 months). She’s 8 months old now and he has been the most loving older brother you could ask for. He talks to her and hugs her and brings her toys. That is, until about a week or two ago when he started a new “game.” LadyBug spends a lot of time sitting on a blanket on the playmats in our living room. She doesn’t roll over yet (sigh, just like Bug), but…

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    We finally bought some sleep books because, at nearly 8 months, our LadyBug (previously known as the Little Lady) was still not sleeping through the night. To give you a bit of context, she’s bottle fed and now on solids, so there is absolutely no reason she should be waking up 5 or more times a night. She’d start fussing and if someone didn’t zip in with a pacifier recovery, all hell would break loose. So, I bought some books and Big Guy (who may get renamed Our Hero), decided that she needed to go to bed earlier. We had tried a bit of “crying it out” but she got…