Bug (aka Little Guy),  LadyBug


I was concerned about Bug’s (aka Little Guy) reaction to getting a new baby sister. He was used to being the center of the attention and all that, plus, he was pretty young when she was born (20 months). She’s 8 months old now and he has been the most loving older brother you could ask for. He talks to her and hugs her and brings her toys.

That is, until about a week or two ago when he started a new “game.” LadyBug spends a lot of time sitting on a blanket on the playmats in our living room. She doesn’t roll over yet (sigh, just like Bug), but she loves to sit there and play. Anyway, Bug’s favorite thing to do is to walk up to his sister and push her over. He then runs away, laughing. Both Big Guy and I are consistent in our reaction’s to this… Bug immediately ends up in a timeout in the crib. This is the most serious of all timeouts because it means he’s away from the action. I hate to do it, because I don’t like him associating his crib with a punishment, but I just can’t wrestle to keep him on the couch. Meanwhile, his poor little sister, who is really the wronged party, gets completely ignored.

I hope this phase ends soon… I keep waiting for him to realize that he hates timeout, but it doesn’t seem to be helping.

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