My So-Called Thirtysomething Life… Again

I just finished watching quarterlife on NBC, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I never caught any of the webisodes because I’m not a big fan of watching TV on my laptop. Mainly because I’m typically using my laptop while watching TV. And the sound is off to fend off websites that emit unwanted sound effects without my permission. Ahem.

Anyway, it was a pretty good show and, of course, I think Scott Michael Foster is a doll (loved him on Greek, too). I am, admittedly, a sucker for shows that focus on the stress and strife of a particular age group… it doesn’t matter if I’m in the group or not.

Ok, I lied. It matters a little and I’m kind of annoyed with Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick (creators of quarterlife). Here’s why:

I was a teenager when they came out with thirtysomething. I loved it, but couldn’t at all relate.

I was in my twenties when they did My So-Called Life. I didn’t watch it much because I was too self-absorbed to look back at my teen years.

Then, as I entered my 30’s, they did Once and Again, a show about folks in their 40’s. It was just OK. Once again, couldn’t relate.

And now that I’m in my 30’s, they’ve decided to go back focusing on people in their 20’s. C’mon folks. You’re missing an ENTIRE generation, here in between! We’re interesting, too… oh, and we watch TV!

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