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    Barefoot Books Giveaway

     This contest is closed. Thanks for your entries! Every quarter, Bloggy Giveaways hosts a huge carnival where hundreds (no joke – there are at least 400 already as I write this) of blogs give away cool prizes. All you have to do is visit, follow the directions (usually quite simple) and cross your fingers. You can start right here! As you may know, I am a Stallholder with Barefoot Books. In other words, I’ve got the great privilege of sharing the most amazing, intelligent, multicultural children’s books with my friends, family and readers. This month, we have released our first full-color illustrated young adult novel entitled Little Leap Forward. It…

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    Reading Books Online for Free

    I love books, of course. So I was excited to find out that there are a number of places online where you can read full books for free. I’m not a huge fan of reading on my computer (I spend so much time on here as it is), but it’s great to be able to really preview when shopping online. I’m especially excited about the kids’ books. Check out my article on About.com: Read Books Online for Free.

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    Food Allergy Update

    Well, Bug’s allergy results were not quite as positive as we had hoped. The egg allergy is still there and was classified by the nurse as a “major” reaction. The skin welts from the walnuts and peanuts were so large that they ran into each other, so there was no question on those. The soy allergy seems to be gone and we have reintroduced soy into his diet. This is actually a big thing. Although he could have soybean oil and soy lecithin, the most common soy ingredients in non-soy foods, soy flour and soy protein are also surprisingly common. We now have a lot more flexibility on meats, breads…

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    Winning is Fun

    It’s no secret that I like video games. It’s also no secret that Big Guy loves them more. So, I’m thrilled to see that Literary Illusions is giving away a DS Lite and some games. I hope I win! You can also enter the contest if you like. It ends at midnight on July 3. Let me know if you win!

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