Food Allergy Update

Well, Bug’s allergy results were not quite as positive as we had hoped. The egg allergy is still there and was classified by the nurse as a “major” reaction. The skin welts from the walnuts and peanuts were so large that they ran into each other, so there was no question on those. The soy allergy seems to be gone and we have reintroduced soy into his diet. This is actually a big thing. Although he could have soybean oil and soy lecithin, the most common soy ingredients in non-soy foods, soy flour and soy protein are also surprisingly common. We now have a lot more flexibility on meats, breads and other products. Still, we were counting on the egg allergy to go away. In fact, I was hoping for a celebratory brunch after the appointment. No such luck. We’ll keep hoping, I guess.

LadyBug’s allergy blood test for the common 8 food allergies came back negative, which is wonderful news. That could, of course, change at any time, but for now it’s a relief. It won’t change the type of foods we have at home, but it will make it less stressful to take her out to eat and, of course, once she starts school.

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