Bug (aka Little Guy),  Me

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I don’t know how it’s going in the rest of the country, but here in the Northeast it feels like it has been raining forever. I think we’ve easily had rain almost every day for over a month. Don’t get me wrong, rain is good. Plants need rain, yada, yada. But, for a mom home all day with two young kids, it’s a little bit like Mother Nature’s personal torture device. We can’t go outside to play or for a walk, and going anywhere else means two wet kids and a very wet Mama. To make matters worse, Bug has decided that he’s afraid of thunder. If it starts while he’s playing, he’s ok. He just continues to announce, “I don’t like thunder!” But if it’s naptime or bedtime, it’s ugly. He starts to scream bloody murder and there’s really no hope of him falling asleep.

We’re heading for vacation in a week. Maybe all of this rain will buy us a rain-free vacation! Cross your fingers for me…

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