• Bug (aka Little Guy),  LadyBug

    Ichi, Ni, San…

    Bug started his karate classes today. Technically, it’s more of a pre-karate. He had a blast. I can’t wait to see him in his gi. It’s going to be super cute. Next week, I’ll have to bring LadyBug with me. I’m interested to know if she’ll want to join, too. She just might… and I wouldn’t mind her learning how to kick and punch in a responsible way.

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  • Big Guy,  Bug (aka Little Guy)

    Birthday Season is Here

    Big Guy’s birthday is October 1 (coincidentally, he was born on the day that DisneyWorld opened – must have been fate). Bug’s birthday is October 29. We also have various sibling, niece, nephew, aunt, friend birthdays over the next month and half. Time to start the shopping… Tomorrow, Bug and I are going to have to pull it together, get a gift for Big Guy, bake a cake AND start his karate classes. Luckily, Lady Bug will spend the day with Grandma so I’m not worried about her, too. I guess I should get some rest!

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  • Me

    The Power of the Blogosphere – Save Lori’s House

    Early on, people scoffed at blogging. Why would you want to share your life with strangers? Today’s bloggers know the answer to that question. Blogging is about connecting with other people, sharing ideas and making changes. Today, as I was browsing some of the big freelance writing blogs, I found the perfect example of how blogging brings people together. It’s the story of Lori Hall Steele, a freelance writer, divorced mother of a 7-year-old-boy and victim of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).Just one year ago she was diagnosed with the disease and she is now confined to a hospital bed with a ventilator. She can no longer use her hands and…

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  • Me,  Technology

    Sing, Sing a Song

    Spent a little time today loading some MP3s on my Blackberry and then listening to music on it (over the speaker). It sounded better than my radio. =} Oh, I just love my little ‘berry.

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  • Home,  My Family,  Vent

    Quiet, Rainy Weekends

    LadyBug spent half the afternoon in time out in her high chair for standing on a chair. I just kept telling her to sit on the chair and she’d stand right back up again. I removed her from the chair entirely and she went right back. I tried to distract her, block the chair, basically anything I could think of. She just got right back up there and grinned at me. I wouldn’t normally use time out for such a young child, but I simply can’t get her to understand that no means no. It took maybe 8-10 rounds of removing her from the chair and placing her in time…

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  • Me,  TV

    Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes and the Return of TV (Part 2)

    Grey’s Anatomy tonight was surprisingly good. The previews had show Derek’s one-night stand announcing she was pregnant and I have been annoyed. How cliche’ to have the couple finally get together only to have a pregnant girlfriend in the mix. But it turns out that the Grey’s Anatomy writers do have some sense and it was just a joke. When the chief announced at the end of the show that some changes would be made, I sensed they were talking about more than their faux doctoring. I think they might have been talking about plot. At least, I hope so. It’s a promising beginning to the season. Heroes. Ugh. Blah.…

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  • My Family,  TV

    Advocating for Our Kids

    My first thoughts whenever I hear the name “Jenny McCarthy” are of a trashy blonde host on MTV. So when my mom called today and said, “TiVo Oprah,” and I saw that Jenny McCarthy was on, I was a bit skeptical. Jenny was on Oprah today promoting her new book Mother Warriors. In it, she explains how she, and several other mothers, have helped their kids “recover” from autism though detoxification, special diets, and whatever means necessary. She has regained my respect. Americans are conditioned to believe that authority figures are somehow wiser. Yes, they may have more “facts” (whether or not those “facts” are true is another story), but…

  • LadyBug

    She’s Not Called LadyBug for Nothing

    Spent the day with LadyBug today. It started well, but she took a very early nap. That meant that she and I spent more than 6 hours together once she was awake. Just us. In our living room. It’s no big deal with Bug, who is capable of playing on his own, but LadyBug is either climbing up me to see what’s behind the couch or getting into something she shouldn’t. She thinks everything is a game. As trying as Bug can be, I look forward to having him home tomorrow to help entertain LadyBug. Maybe they’ll be so happy to be back together that I’ll get a morning without…

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  • TV

    The Return of TV

    Hurray for fall TV! Should I be watching? No. Will I be watching? Most definitely.

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  • Bug (aka Little Guy)

    Is it considered bad parenting…

    To laugh at your toddler while he’s having a wild, unexplainable and ridiculous tantrum? Bug woke up too early, spent the morning in the sun and didn’t nap. Bad, bad, bad combination. By late afternoon, everything was a giant drama. So, when he melted down because LadyBug decided to actually MOVE the Cozy Coupe she was sitting in, I was baffled. When he insisted that it had to remain in a very specific spot, I tried to be understanding. But when he flopped on the floor in screaming hysterics because I didn’t agree that the Cozy Coupe should remain still, I started to giggle. I couldn’t help it. Yeah, I…

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