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A World Without Garfield

I have to admit that I always thought Garfield was a bit grim. I mean, who really wants a snarky old cat who doesn’t really care about you at all? Most cats aren’t like that. Most cats have at least some affection to spare for one family member or more. Our cat (one of our cats moved to a new home) is a people person. She prefers to be sitting in someone’s lap, playing fetch or otherwise making herself the center of attention.

Yeah, I got distracted. So, have you seen Garfield Minus Garfield? It’s a bit of genius, really. They have simply erased Garfield from the Garfield comics. All that’s left is a sad-looking Jon who seems to spend a lot of his time talking to himself. In reality, it’s not much worse that spending your time talking to cat, especially a grumpy one like Garfield. Anyway, it’s entertaining.

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