Good Day, Bad Day

Yesterday was a good day. For some reason, Bug just started to get the idea of consequences. After losing “dessert privileges” at lunch, it seemed to click. He went down for a nap with no drama and stayed in his bed. He shared toys with LadyBug and listened to mom. Maybe the stars were in alignment, I don’t know.

Today, not so much. Today, Bug screamed in the middle of library because he didn’t want to come home. He ran out in the middle of the parking lot in front of a car. He refused to get in his car seat. Basically, he did the opposite of whatever I wanted him to do. It got so bad that he ended up in time out, which he refused to sit for. After multiple warnings, Bug ended up in bed with no lunch. This, if you know him, is about the biggest crises out there. I finally caved and gave him a snack in bed (the crib because he was just that naughty) and he settled down and fell asleep.

It will be interesting to see what tomorrow will bring…

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