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Overcomplicating Things

Tomorrow is the FAAN walk and we need to get up earlier than usual to get there on time. So, guess what I’m doing at 11:50pm. Getting ready for bed? Nope. Packing bags for tomorrow? Nope. I am designing iron-on transfers so we can have matching t-shirts tomorrow. I already made my poor (very patient) husband dye the shirts blue because the craft store didn’t have adult shirts and kid shirts in the same colors (that seems odd, doesn’t it?).

We managed to borrow a jogging stroller (why would the FAAN organizers assume that everyone has jogging strollers handy?!) for Bug and a backpack for LadyBug. I think Bug might be annoyed that he can’t walk, but such is life. Maybe we’ll let him walk a little bit if he seems healthier tomorrow.

I’m just looking forward to being in a nut-free social environment where everyone understands how much food allergies suck. I feel relieved and I’m not even there yet!

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