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Quiet, Rainy Weekends

LadyBug spent half the afternoon in time out in her high chair for standing on a chair. I just kept telling her to sit on the chair and she’d stand right back up again. I removed her from the chair entirely and she went right back. I tried to distract her, block the chair, basically anything I could think of. She just got right back up there and grinned at me. I wouldn’t normally use time out for such a young child, but I simply can’t get her to understand that no means no. It took maybe 8-10 rounds of removing her from the chair and placing her in time out before she started to get it. She went back to the chair, but she stayed seated. Hope it sticks. She already fell off the couch today because she was standing up and jumping around. She’s just a real challenge.

Tonight I’m trying to get a bit more organized, so I’m on a hunt for a calendar that will integrate with everything else I use. I’m trying to avoid Google calendar, but might have to cave. A friend of mine sent me a link to a new family planning/calendar site called Cozi. It’s very cool. You can keep all of your family stuff there, including shopping lists, pictures, etc. Then you can send them to family members via cell phone or email. You can even call and have it read your lists or appointments to you. Unfortunately, it doesn’t integrate the way I want and has features I just don’t need. My husband is almost always accessibly via IM during the day (he’s in a cubicle) and I almost never make a shopping list. =} I’d be happy with an online calendar that has a nice mobile page. Anyway, still working on that organization thing.

The thing I’m most excited about is that we have absolutely no plans this weekend. We can do whatever we want. It may seem small to most of you, but when I say we are incredibly busy people, I’m not joking. And it’s not by choice. We ALWAYS have birthdays, weddings, showers, cookouts, graduation parties, anniversary parties, dinner invitations, etc. I don’t know anyone with as many “obligations” as we have. I feel kind of bad, but it’s reached a point where I get annoyed whenever I get an invitation to something. I mean, I LIKE spending time with friends and family, but I miss having a weekend where we can decide what we want to do. So, now we have one. I had hoped to go apple picking, but the weather is going to be crappy. I guess we’ll just hang out, trying to get the house in order and getting on each others’ nerves!

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