The Return of the Cabbage Patch Kid

The other day Bug found my original Cabbage Patch Kid (born in 1983), Werner Ferdinand. Werner still smells like baby powder and is sporting some jeans I made myself. I have to admit that I was uncomfortable giving Werner (now 25) over to my 2-year-old. But, reason prevailed. I mean, what am I saving him for? So I let Bug tote him around the house, pretend to feed him, and generally give him love. And then the day came when I found bits of 25 year old diaper littered about Bug’s room. Werner has had the same diaper since 1983 and in just a few days, Bug managed to destroy it. My generosity ended at that point and Werner now sits happily on a shelf (albeit with a tattered diaper).

I was feeling a little guilty that I’ve deprived the kids of Cabbage Patch joy, so I was thrilled to see that the original Cabbage Patch Kids have returned for a limited 25th anniversary edition! No more of those crappy new Cabbage Patch dolls. These dolls have the same clothes, hair, faces, etc., as the originals.

I’m thinking that Santa might bring a couple of those cuties for the little folks here. At least then Werner can enjoy his retirement.

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