Treasuring the Small Moments

Bug doesn’t like to go to bed. There’s plenty of drama when he’s supposed to be going to sleep – he can’t get into bed (uh, yeah, ok), there’s a book out of place, his stomach hurts (perhaps from all of that screaming?) and on and on.

Tonight he woke up with a poopy diaper, which he didn’t want me to change. I gave my standard speech about how using the potty would mean that he could go diaper free, and he went with his old standby… "I’m sad. I’m sad because I don’t want to change my diaper. I’m SO SO sad." He’s not old enough to realize how much I dislike changing diapers, so I go with it… "I’m sorry that you’re sad, but I can’t leave you in a poopy diaper."

Finally, I decide to ask what would make him happy. "A song," is his answer with a bit of a smirk. So, I climb into bed with him and sing song after song while he pretends not to smile. When the last song is over, I ask if he’s ready to go to sleep (a happy nod). I tell him I love him and start to walk out of the door.

Bug calls out, "All that singing made me happy. I’m not sad any more." And that made me happy, too.

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