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    I Made It!

    I made it through NaBloPoMo – 30 straight days of blogging. Unfortunately, my site didn’t make as smooth of a transition to the new host as I thought. Apparently, my archive and back links aren’t working. Off I go to try to fix it before the NaBloPoMo folks come calling… Love technology. No, seriously.

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    One Step at a Time

    Spent the day working with Big Guy on the new project we’ve got going on. Can’t wait for it to launch. Unfortunately, it’s a secret until then! =} Right now, I’m struggling a bit with Joomla, but it’s still exciting. I’m just so impatient. Anyone else cooking up new projects? I’d love to hear about them… or at least the process you’ve got going on.

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    HP Magic Giveaways

    Ok, I’m super excited about the HP Magic Giveaways. HP chose 50 blogs (they call them “top blogs”) to giveaway $6000 in HP and Windows equipment each. I’m bummed that HP doesn’t think I’m a “top blog” (although not surprised), but am psyched that I’m eligible to enter. =} The giveaway kicks off today at the following 3 blogs: Gear Live Windows Connected Bleeping Computer Each site has different criteria to win and you only have a week to enter each one. In the nane of disclosure, I do get a bonus entry for this blog, but it’s also a way to share the Magic with my readers!

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    Still Moving

    There was a difference of opinion between myself and my new hosting company that took some time to resolve. We’re good, so the move should be heading forward! Onward ho! Or something.

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    Domain Transfer

    My webhost pulled the ultimate stupid and annoying act. They raised my prices by 50% and then cut my service package. I’m done with you, oh webhost that has been driving me crazy for years. I’m packing my bags and moving to hostgator. It might take some time for me to get there, so please be patient!

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    Fraud Sucks

    Had to cancel my credit card due to fraudulent charges. Don’t like scammers, spammers, and people who can’t make a living contributing something positive to society.

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    Winter is Here

    Cold weather is here and I’m starting to feel a bit trapped. I’m sure the kids are feeling the same way. They’re a mess… not sleeping, squabbling, and causing general mayhem. As for me, it’s harder to motivate. It gets dark earlier and has a negative effect on my mood. I’ve got some projects I’m excited about, but have a lot of commitments, too. Anyone have tips on staying motivated in the dreariness of winter? It might be nice, once it’s a bit colder, to write by the fire. Other than that, blah, blah, blah.

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    6 Degrees of Separation – Social Networking Style

    Social networking is making our worlds smaller. It allows you to “mingle” with people you would never otherwise meet and, largely because you’re connecting through people you know, you’re decreasing your degrees of separation. The other day I found out that I was following someone on Twitter who 1) went to high school with a good friend I met in AmeriCorps and 2) went to college with another friend I met through her husband (who I went to college with – although I’m really friends with him through another friend entirely). Complicated? Yeah. And fantastic. I have also managed to connect with some cherished old friends on my foray into…

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    Do Something You Love

    I just got back from a folk music concert. Schooner Fare, if you’re curious. You’ve probably never heard of them – they sing New England/Irish/Scottish inspired songs. There are always some traditional songs (“Peggy Gordon” is a favorite of mine) and some newer socio-political songs. I’ve been going to see them for years now and it’s a fun, yet calming experience. We all sing along and snack on munchies and enjoy each other’s company. So, take some time to do something you love. It doesn’t have to be anything major. Sing a song, eat your favorite snack, go for a walk in the woods. Just everything aside for a moment…

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