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Good Days, Bad Days

Today was a bad day. LadyBug woke up at around midnight and didn’t fall asleep until about 3. Big Guy took care of her (I do not function without enough food or sleep, in that order), but I didn’t get to sleep until 1:30 or so myself, and then woke up again when he came back to bed. Someone woke up early, both kids woke up grouchy, I woke up achy all over (getting old, I think). It was a recipe for disaster. The kids fought, cried, screamed, bumped into things, and generally had an ugly and dramatic morning. I mainly tried to cope. Big Guy had the good sense to work from home and take over during the lunch time madness. Am I the only at-home mom who dreads lunchtime (leading into nap) and the 5pm witching hour that lasts until bedtime (sort of like rush hour)?

Tomorrow will be a good day, I hope. LadyBug heads to her Grandma’s house and Bug spends the day with his aunt. It’s the first time he’ll be out without Big Guy, me, or one of the grandparents, and she’ll be taking him to lunch, which is huge. I banned food outings with the arrival of the food allergies. If I have trouble remembering what he can and can’t eat, I certainly don’t trust anyone else to do it. But she’ll take him to a fast food restaurant where I can specify his meal in advance. It will be fine.

I hope to get some work done and mop our awful living room floor. So exciting!

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