Hurray for the End of the Campaign!

I loathe politics and I loathe politicians. The presidential race is tedious and depressing. I strongly believe that I can’t trust anyone who is able to obtain a presidential nomination. There is no way to stick to your convictions and stay out of “debt” to others and rise to that level of political power. Add to that shady politics and mudslinging and I just want to curl up in a hole until the whole thing is over.

That’s not an option, so I’m forced to listen to idiotic people shout from the rooftops why their candidate is better in terms of extreme behaviors. So and so will run our country into the ground. Somebody else will join hands with terrorist forces. I’ve got news for you people: the president does not run the country by him/herself. You can’t just look at the presidential candidate as an isolated force. You also can’t base your vote solely on what the candidates say during speeches and debates.

Every time I get annoyed that we aren’t allowed to elect our president by popular vote, I simply read some of the comments on message boards and it reminds me WHY we don’t have that privilege.

So, just a mere 24 or so hours until we’re pretty sure who has won. Then we have another 3 years of complaining before it all begins again…

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