We’re No Jon & Kate Plus 8

We don’t have 8 kids or our own TV show, but, hey, I want a trip to Hawaii, too. I don’t begrudge the Gosselin clan a nice vacation, but geez. How may fantastic trips does one family need? Spread the wealth a little, you know?

Venting aside, I miss traveling. It was tough traveling for work by myself, but now I’ve got kids and I want to show them everything. And, of course, now we can’t afford to show them much of anything. Such is the joy of things.

Where would we go? Definitely Hawaii. DisneyWorld, the Grand Canyon, Paris, Sydney (or Melbourne), Beijing (this is iffy because of Bug’s nut allergies), South Africa, Ireland, San Diego, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Brazil. That’s just to start with. =} I guess I better get back to work!

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