Snotty, Snotty Sickness

The kids have been sick FOREVER. They caught the first cold and, well… Ok. Then, before they were even over that, they got sick all over again. Bug may have missed the third round (although suspicious sneezes suggest otherwise), but LadyBug just started all over again. On Thanksgiving, she was weepy-eyed, snotty and miserable. And, since she’s still drooling up a storm, she’s basically a drippy, nasty mess. Then she endured several days with varying temps. Poor little LadyBug.

What I’d like to know is this… if we don’t generally take the kids out when they’re sick, where the heck is it coming from? Are the germs just sneaking in on our mail? Traveling over the phone lines? I’m ready for them to go visit some other family. It’s bad enough that the weather is cold and rainy and crappy. I’d at least like to take the kids to their gym class or something.

Germs, germs, go away.

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